On-Campus Interview Rooms

On-Campus Interview Rooms

Need a Space for Interviewing?

When preparing for a virtual interview, it is important to have a space that is free of noise and distractions. Sometimes, these types of spaces can be difficult for students to access. Generously made avaialble through the Rohrer College of Business Center for Professional Development, CHSS students can access private spaces in which they can particpate in virtual interviews. The Center for Professional Development suite in Business Hall 133 has four interview rooms, two of which are equipped with technology that you can use to participate in virtual interviews. There are also two rooms in which you can use your own technology to interview. 

Do I need to reserve a space?

Yes! When planning for an interview, it is important to plan ahead. Availability of interview rooms is not gaurnteed, so you do not want to arrive to use a space for your interview only to be turned away. You can inquire about reserving an interview room by emailing rcpd@rowan.edu or visiting the Center for Professional Development in Business Hall 133. 

Where can I find other tools for preparing for my interview? 

The Center for Professional Success offers many resources for students who are preparing to interview, from mock interviewing to virtual resources:

  • Mock Interviewing: To schedule a mock interview, schedule an appointment with the Center for Professional Success using the Rowan Success Network
  • Big Interview: Big Interview is an online platform to help individuals improve their interview competencies. The platform offers various resources and tools, including video lessons, interview question libraries, and virtual interview practice