Intermediate Module

Intermediate Module

Intermediate Module: Designed for Junior Level Students

Module Theme: Taking Charge of Your Future Career Success:

A critical stage of students’ junior year is to begin articulating their academic and career goals. Recognizing and understanding students’ desired life outcomes through a personal and professional lens is a prerequisite for designing their chosen career. Completing the intermediate level module allows students to research potential career options, create a compass to direct them towards their desired career, and set the context to begin creating application material for the job search process. The accumulation of these concepts is vital to empower students to take responsibility for their future career success.

Module Learning Outcomes: 

Students will be able to:

  • Analyze potential occupations that students can pursue based on their CHSS major. 
  • Describe how the Center for Professional Success can support their academic and career readiness. 
  • Determine their personal definition for their workview and lifeview based on students’ life objectives. 
  • Evaluate their top occupations of interest by utilizing the Occupational Outlook Handbook.
  • Interpret if pursuing an advanced degree is relevant for their desired career. 
  • Understand potential actions students can complete to pursue a career in their desired occupations. 
  • Understand resume and cover letter best practices that students can use when applying to employment opportunities.


Module Videos:

  • Introduction Video:The introduction video will provide an overview of the entire module, unpack the central theme (Taking Charge of Your Future Career Success), explain steps students must complete to progress through the videos, and how students will access information related to the sessions. 6.40 Minutes
  • Center for Professional Success Overview Presentation: This video will review how the Center for Professional Success can support students’ academic and career progression. Students will learn about specific services and resources that can empower them to achieve their occupational objectives. 3.37 Minutes
  • Building A Compass For Your Future: As students transverse their careers, there will be distractions, obstacles, and barriers of entry that can impede their success. However, proactively establishing a personal compass based on their work view and life view will help students navigate these difficulties to secure a meaningful life.  4.49 Minutes
  • Exploring What Careers You Can Pursue With Your Major: All CHSS majors offer students a diverse array of occupational options that students can pursue upon graduation. However, identifying what specific careers students’ would enjoy and find meaningful can be challenging. The following video will allow students to explore what careers they can pursue with their major and understand how to research potential career options. 6.16 Minutes
  • Researching Potential Career Opportunities: As students identify specific careers of interest, it is paramount to investigate each of their desired positions. This video will showcase how students can research, evaluate, and reflect on information available through the Occupational Outlook Handbook. 5.39 Minutes
  • Preparing Students’ Brand for the Internship/Job Search Process: Having a polished resume and cover letter is a prerequisite for any job search process. Through this video, students will learn about the purpose, as well as best practices to improve upon their resumes and cover letters. 4.11 Minutes
  • Graduate School Exploration: Pursuing an advanced degree is an immense investment that entails time, resources, and energy. The following video will assist students to learn about the graduate school application process, best practices for the application process, and evaluate if an advanced degree will benefit students' careers. 7.06 Minutes
  • Closing Video to Intermediate Module: Users who complete this video will learn about potential next steps to increase their career readiness and receive instruction on securing their certificate of completion that can be submitted to their professor. 6.45 Minutes
  • Total Time Required to Complete the Intermediate Module: 43.43 Minutes


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