Centers and Institutes

Centers and Institutes

Centers and Institutes

Interdisciplinary Studies

The Center for Interdisciplinary Studies provies a home for undergraduate and graduate programs affiliated with the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. Recognizing the value of interdisciplinary study to uncover the deepest understanding of a topic, the center promotes and facilitates interdisciplinary research and collaboration.

Rowan Center for the Study of Holocaust, Genocide, and Human Rights

In December 2017, select leaders of academic Holocaust and Genocide Studies Centers from across the country gathered in Washington, DC to discuss the state of the field.

Hollybush Institute

The mission of the Hollybush Institute at Rowan University is to preserve and build on the legacy of the 1967 Glassboro Summit by promoting scholarly research, educational activities, and community outreach related to the history and practice of international dialogue to promote global security, peace, and the rule of law. Imbued with the “Spirit of Glassboro,” as President Lyndon Johnson

Liberal Arts and Sciences Institute

The Liberal Arts and Sciences Institute for Research and Community Service was founded at Rowan University in 1993 to enhance faculty research and focus on impactful community service.

Center for Professional Success

Established in 2019, the Center for Professional Success (CPS) is a comprehensive resource center that supports the academic and career development of College of Humanities & Social Sciences (CHSS) students.