Beginner Module

Beginner Module

Beginner Module: Designed for Freshman & Sophomore Level Students

Module Theme: Who am I, and what do I want to do?

As CHSS majors complete their freshman and sophomore years of college, they must begin researching, reflecting, and actively participating in the career exploration process. Becoming engaged with these activities provides students the time and resources to understand their personality, values, and strengths regarding potential career opportunities. Through this module, students will receive a foundation to begin actualizing how their purpose can correspond with their sense of self, possible career options, and steps they can complete to pursue various careers. Critically evaluating these concepts is essential for students to understand who and what they want to be with their career and life.


Module Learning Outcomes: 

Students will be able to:
  • Apply how the 16 Personality Assessment results can assist them to understand potential career options.
  • Describe how the Center for Professional Success can support their academic and career readiness. 
  • Discuss how they will begin searching for their passion and purpose. 
  • Explain the significance of the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) leadership competency.
  • Identify what section of the Career Management Cycle each student identifies in.
  • Summarize the importance of becoming involved in experiential learning opportunities.

Module Videos:

  • Introduction Video to Beginner Module: The introduction video will provide an overview of the entire module, unpack the central theme (Who am I and what do I want to do?), explain steps students must complete to progress through the videos, and how students will access information related to the sessions. 5.24 Minutes
  • Center for Professional Success Overview Presentation: This video will review how the Center for Professional Success can support students’ academic and career progression. Students will learn about specific services and resources that can empower them to achieve their occupational objectives. 3.37 Minutes
  • Exploring the Career Management Cycle: The Career Management Cycle is a framework that can help guide students through their occupational journey. Completing this video will allow users to understand the Career Management Cycle, what segment of the cycle they exist in, and tangible steps they can complete to progress in their career preparation. 3.55 Minutes
  • Searching For Your Passion & Purpose: Exploring and understanding what types of employment resonates with us as individuals and the purpose of our careers is a fundamental component to having a fulfilling life. Through this session, students will begin to reflect on the meaning of their passions and purpose. 4.47 Minutes
  • Importance of Experiential Learning & Attaining Leadership Experience: Experiential learning and leadership are concepts not generally taught, and it can be challenging to search for these experiences. By completing this video, students will learn about the value and purpose of both topics and identify outlets to secure these experiences before graduation. 5.25 Minutes
  • Exploring Your Personality Type - 16 Personality Assessment: The 16 Personality Assessment is a free evaluation, and completing this video will allow students to understand how their personality can synergize with possible career options. 3.12 Minutes
  • Closing Video to Beginner Module: Users who complete this video will learn about potential next steps to increase their career readiness and receive instruction on securing their certificate of completion that can be submitted to their professor. 4.47 Minutes
  • Total Time Required to Complete the Beginner Module: 29.47 Minutes


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