Advanced Module

Advanced Module

Advanced Module: Designed for Senior Level Students

Module Theme: Crossing the Finish Line and the Start of Your Next Journey:

Students’ senior year signifies a period of change and new beginnings. As students prepare for this transition, planning and preparation are essential for successful life outcomes upon graduation. The advanced level module equips students with the fundamental knowledge to identify, apply, and secure viable employment and advanced degree opportunities. Completing the content from this module will empower students to begin pursuing their career objectives before graduation and to have a head start on their new life journey.


Module Learning Outcomes: 

Students will be able to:

  • Apply the content from the networking module to conduct an informational interview with an employer.
  • Articulate their skills and strengths in their resume, cover letter, and interviews.
  • Describe how the Center for Professional Success can support their academic and career readiness. 
  • Determine what specific resources will be most effective for their job search process. 
  • Illustrate successful interview practices that can occur before, during, and after an interview. 
  • Understand resume and cover letter best practices that students can use when applying to employment opportunities.


Module Videos:

  • Introduction Video to Advanced Module: The introduction video will provide an overview of the entire module, unpack the central theme (Crossing the Finish Line and the Start of Your Next Journey), explain steps students must complete to progress through the videos, and how students will access information related to the sessions. 5.57 Minutes
  • Center for Professional Success Overview Presentation: This video will review how the Center for Professional Success can support students’ academic and career progression. Students will learn about specific services and resources that can empower them to achieve their occupational objectives. 3.37 Minutes
  • Preparing Students’ Brand for the Internship/Job Search Process: Having a polished resume and cover letter is a prerequisite for any job search process. Through this video, students will learn about the purpose, as well as best practices to improve upon their resumes and cover letters. 4.11 Minutes
  • The Importance of Networking: Networking is a critical tool that can accelerate applicants through the application process where over 100 other applicants might be applying to the same position. Students who view this presentation will learn about networking best practices and how to establish their brand before graduation. 6.39 Minutes
  • Available Resources to Secure Full-Time Employment Opportunities: The presentation will provide a timeline regarding the job search process, resources to pursue employment opportunities, how to successfully navigate the application submissions. Even though it can be a full-time responsibility to secure a full-time job, utilizing these practices can position students to achieve their desired career outcomes. 6.47 Minutes
  • Interviewing Best Practices: Interviewing is one of the most critical segments of the applicant process and is often used to determine if a candidate is hired. Through this presentation, students will learn success strategies to succeed within any interview. 6.58 Minutes
  • Closing Video to Advanced Module: Users who complete this video will learn about potential next steps to increase their career readiness and receive instruction on securing their certificate of completion that can be submitted to their professor. 6.23 Minutes
  • Total Time Required to Complete the Advanced Module: 38.72 Minutes


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