Faculty Resources

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Faculty Resources

Faculty Resources

The Center for Professional Success is dedicated to collaborating with CHSS faculty to incorporate career development services into their classes. With this concept in mind, we created a dedicated page that contains all in-person and virtual services that can be easily accessible for faculty members. All of these services can be utilized in faculty members' asynchronous and synchronous learning environments. Please explore these opportunities and feel free to contact the Center for Professional Success (chsscps@rowan.edu) if you are interested in collaborating on how we can support your students' career readiness. 

Virtual & In-Person Presentations 

The Center for Professional Success is offering a virtual presentation series to assist students prepare for potential employment opportunities. Each workshop was created to empower students with a particular skill set needed to attain employment, and each presentation builds upon the content of the previous workshop. The workshops of this series include: 

  • Converting your Resume for Today's Environment
  • Adapting Job Search Strategies For The Current Economy
  • Best Practices for Virtual & In-Person Interviewing
  • Developing Core Competencies & Hard Skills for Today's New World

The entire virtual series was established to be easily accessible for both an asynchronous and synchronous learning environment, and for professors to incorporate these workshops into their academic classes. This includes:

Asynchronous Classes: All of the virtual workshops are prerecorded and can be viewed remotely through Kaltura by clicking this link. All faculty members are more than welcome to incorporate these presentations into their curriculum, and the Center for Professional Success is willing to collaborate with faculty members to create assignments based on each presentation. Please feel free to email Patrick Massaro ( massaro@rowan.edu ) to schedule an appointment to discuss this option.

Synchronous Classes: All of the workshops listed above and additional presentations can also be presented in real-time for professors that teach synchronous classes. Any faculty member interested in scheduling a virtual or in-person workshop for their class should review the flow chart below to determine if you would be scheduling a workshop with the Center for Professional Success or Office of Career Advancement:

Upon reviewing the flow chart:

cps infographic

  • Faculty members who teach 300 to 400 level CHSS courses that primarily have CHSS majors enrolled in their class may complete the Workshop/Presentation Request Form for the Center for Professional Success to facilitate their workshop.
  • Faculty members who teach 100 to 200 level CHSS courses and have a low representation of CHSS majors in their class may complete the following Workshop/Presentation Request Form for the Office of Career Advancement to facilitate their presentation.

A representative from the Center for Professional Success or Office of Career Advancement will contact you to confirm the time and date for your presentation once the Workshop/Presentation Request Form has been submitted.