What is a Micro-Internship?

Micro-Internships are short-term, professional, and paid opportunities which can be completed in a matter of hours. They also allow you to demonstrate your skills while working on professional projects from real employers.  Through Micro-Internships, students can demonstrate their skills, explore career paths, and develop their professional networks. These paid opportunities typically range from 5 to 40 hours of work, and students can be selected for multiple Micro-Internships.

How can I find one?

Rowan has partnered with Parker Dewey to provide students with Micro-Internship opportunities. Interested students are encouraged to:

  • Create an account at http://info.parkerdewey.com/rowan
  • Fill out your profile as completely as possible
  • Review current Micro-Internship projects available
  • Apply to projects of interest
  • Continue to check the platform regularly for new opportunities

How much can I make?  

Rowan has partnered Every Micro-Internship on Parker Dewey is paid a fair amount. They are all per-project costs, so what you see is what you earn upon completion. Projects can range from $100-$800, with the average pay being approximately $300-$400.  

What type of work is available? 

There exist many different projects that students can be paid to complete. Common projects include:

Finance & Accounting  Reconcilliatio, Debt Covenant Analysis, Contract Summaries, Corporate Venturing 
Sales & Business Development Lead Generation, Strategic Partner Identification. List Crunching, CRM Lead Cleansing, Prospect Research, LindkedIn Research, Company Summaries
Human Resources Reviewing and Ranking Resumes, Candidate Sourcing, Mystery Shopping, Diversity Best Practices, Job Board Support and Evaluation, Job Specifications Review
Strategy Strategic Partner Identification, Extracting Insights from Data, Competitive Analysis, Market Research, Social Media Engagement Feedback, SWOT Analysis 
Marketing NISM Certified Projects, Social Media Content Calendar, Content Creation, Email Marketing Campaign Development, Market Research, Marketing Collateral, Case Studies, Competitive Retargeting
Research Social Media Engagement Feedback, Mystery Shopping, Company Summaries, Prospect Research, Market Research, Public Document Review 
Operations & Support  Social Media Engagement Feedback, Mystery Shopping, Vendor Research, User Experience Testing, Connecting to an API, Updating User Manual

Search hundreds of Micro-Internships now!

It could take several applications to land a project. Do not get discouraged if it takes some time and multiple attempts.  Micro-Internships can lead to internship and full-time job offers, and is a great way to showcase your professional skills and drive. 


Introduction to Micro-Internships  


For more information…

Click here to watch this 7-minute video overview for students about how the Parker Dewey Micro-Internship platform works.  The video also highlights tips for student success such as:

  • Create your personal profile as completely and accurately as possible. Students with complete profiles are more likely to be selected.
  • Upload your resume, a link to your LinkedIn profile and samples of your work.
  • The application process involves completing one or more short-answer questions. These questions are the interview.  Answer each thoroughly and be sure to check and fix spelling and grammar errors.
  • New opportunities are posted regularly, and projects come and go very quickly. The most successful students log into the platform every day or two to see what’s new and apply to projects that interest them.