Self-Directed Learning Modules

Self-Directed Learning Modules

Beginner, Intermediate, & Advanced Self-Directed Learning Modules

The Center for Professional Success is excited to offer three distinct career development learning opportunities that all CHSS faculty members can incorporate into their academic courses. These activities are the Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Self Directed Learning Modules. Each module is an asynchronous learning activity that was specifically created to address the career development needs of the following student populations:

  • Beginner Module: Freshman & Sophomore Level Students
  • Intermediate Module: Junior Level Students
  • Advanced Module: Senior Level Students

The total time to complete each module is between 30 to 45 minutes and will require students to complete seven to eight 5 minute videos and a quiz associated with each video. Students will need to sign up for the module using the Online Marketplace, after which it will automatically populate to their Canvas account. Once students’ assigned module is finished, they will log into their Rowan Marketplace account to download their Certificate of Completion they can submit to their professor as evidence of their completion.

Steps to enroll a class in the Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced module:

  1. Complete the following registration form to indicate what module faculty members wish to enroll in their courses.
  2. Once the registration form is completed, faculty members should:
           a. Establish a due date for students to complete the module
           b. Determine how professors wish to count the module within their course.

All professors have complete control regarding the due date for students to complete the modules and the module's weight regarding students' final class grade. Some of these options include an assignment grade, alternate assessment grade, participation grade, quiz grade, test grade, or percentage of students' final grade in the course (e.g., 1% to 5% of students' final grade). Please ensure that the module is a requirement for all students enrolled in your class

  1. Before the start of the new semester, Patrick Massaro will forward faculty members who registered an email they can send to their students. This email will provide step-by-step instructions for how students can register for their assigned module through the Rowan Online Marketplace
  2. Once students are registered through the Marketplace, the modules Canvas shell will automatically populate in students’ Canvas Students can then begin completing the module by a due date assigned by their professor.
  3. Upon completing all of the videos and quizzes, students will download a Certificate of Completion that they will submit by a due date established by their professor for proof that they completed the module.

Please review the tabs listed below to learn more about the description, learning objectives, and videos for the Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced modules. If interested in enrolling one or more of your courses in these activities, please complete the following registration form.

Beginner Module: Who am I, and what do I want to do?

Through this module, students will receive a foundation to begin actualizing how their purpose can correspond with their sense of self, possible career options, and steps they can complete to pursue various careers.

Intermediate Module: Taking Charge of Your Future Career Success

Completing the intermediate level module allows students to research potential career options, create a compass to direct them towards their desired career, and set the context to begin creating application material for the job search process.

Advanced Module: Crossing the Finish Line and the Start of Your Next Journey

The advanced level module equips students with the fundamental knowledge to identify, apply, and secure viable employment and advanced degree opportunities.