Undergraduate BA Programs

Undergraduate BA Programs

Undergraduate BA Programs

Rowan Africana StudiesAfricana Studies

Coordinator: Dr. Chanelle Rose
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One of the main goals of the Africana Studies program is to prepare Rowan students to be effective civic leaders. In order to give students the proper experience to help them become civic leaders, Rowan University offers service learning courses for its students. These courses help to bridge the gap between the academy and the public by fostering university-community collaboration. They require students to participate in community projects that allow them to put theory into practice and understand the complexities of practical problem-solving in real-world situations

Rowan American StudiesAmerican Studies

Coordinator: Dr. Emily Blanck
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Focused on excellence in undergraduate education, Rowan University has one of the most renowned American Studies programs in the country. Our American Studies major is flexible, allowing our students the opportunity to learn from many disciplines. In addition, our program is compact enough that it can be paired with almost any other major. Our program is especially focused on being compatible with Education dual majors, specifically those in Elementary Education. We often spend time in the classroom directly considering how the content and skills in the course would apply in an elementary education context.

Area Studies

Cordinator: Dr. Kelly Duke-Bryantarea studies

The Area Studies Major offers concentration options in Asian Studies, European Studies, and Latin American Studies. Fundamentally, this interdisciplinary program is designed to teach students about methodological approaches used by different disciplines and encourage them to use these approaches to understand the diversity, influence, and complexity of the area under study. The cultural competence and language proficiency students gain through this program will prepare them to interact with and contribute to diverse populations with greater cultural awareness and sensitivity. Furthermore, the interdisciplinary foundation and core liberal arts career skills in critical thinking, research, and communication that the program develops enhance our students’ preparation for graduate study, such as in the fields of area studies, international studies, international development, public policy, and law school, as well as a wide variety of careers, including foreign and public service, international sales and business, humanitarian work, government, politics, international law, and global health care, both abroad and with populations at home in the United States.

Rowan Disaster Preparedness & Emergency Management

Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management

Chair: Dr. DeMond Miller
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Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management is a relevant and timely major especially with the current and impending threat of universal terrorism, the impact of climate change and natural disasters, and the enhanced need to address issues related to public safety and national security. Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management is an innovative and interdisciplinary degree program that focuses on training students in areas that impact human welfare locally, nationally, and globally. The program has a distinctive emphasis on urban issues and environments and the role that ethics plays in how policies, politics, and practices shape the quality of life for human beings in our state, nation, and the world. Courses for the last two years of this program are offered at Rowan's Camden campus.

Rowan EconomicsEconomics

Chair: Dr. Lawrence Markowitz
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Our Economics major provides a rigorous liberal arts education for students whose interest in business extends beyond the specific areas of accounting, finance, management, and marketing. Our program will introduce you to economic theories within the fields of health, environment, labor economics, and urban and regional economics. You will have the opportunity to work with faculty on research and public policy and explore your interests through internships. This program offers the unique ability to specialize in public policy in depth.

EnglishRowan English Department

Chair: Dr. Zena Meadowsong
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Rowan’s English program is ideal for creative, thoughtful students with a strong desire to read and analyze important works of literature.  English majors learn how factors such as race, class, gender, religion, sexual orientation, and nationality affect individuals, groups, and texts, using a range of interpretive strategies to engage intelligently in an ongoing dialogue about diverse peoples and cultures.  Our alumni are prepared to succeed in a variety of careers – including education, publishing, marketing, government, public relations, library sciences, and journalism – using their skills and knowledge to adapt to the shifting demands of professional life.  

Rowan General Studies

General Studies

Academic Advisor: Tiffany Fortunato

Rowan University is proud to offer students another option to complete a bachelor's degree. The Bachelor of General Studies (BGS) Degree Completion Program may be the best route to a degree for some students.

BGS students: 

  •  Achieve a well-rounded and rigorous liberal arts education in a degree program that is tailored to individual needs.
  •  Concentrate on a disciplinary or interdisciplinary academic focus area more flexible than a traditional major.
  •  Collaborate with the program coordinator and advisor to ensure achievement of program and individual goals.
  •  Actively prepare for a future career as part of the degree requirements.

Admission to the Bachelor of General Studies program is available to matriculated students who have earned a minimum of 75 credits who require a degree completion program. Successful applicants must be currently matriculated at Rowan; have 45 credits or fewer to complete toward a degree; be transferring from a declared major and provide evidence that they have attempted to make progress in the major; demonstrate that the BGS degree is the best option for them.

 Rowan HistoryHistory

Chair: Dr. William Carrigan
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The History program at Rowan University has more programs and a wider range of diversity than most History departments our size throughout the country. We also offer a 4 + 1 program, in which students can earn a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree in 5 years, saving 40% of the cost they would spend getting each degree separately. Overall, the History program is highly flexible, allowing students to be creative and widen their boundaries, as well as preparing students for graduate school and then the job market.

Rowan Human ServicesHuman Services

Coordinator: Prof. Sharon McCann
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The field of human services is a growing professional field. There is an increasing demand for human service professionals in the field of child, adult, family and community services in various human service organizations and settings. Human Service professionals work with diverse populations providing a wide variety of social, personal, and health services depending on the need o the individual, group or community. Accordingly, the Human Services degree at Rowan University offers three unique concentration areas; clinical services, administration, and criminal justice. Students also gain valuable experience during their field internship where they get course credit working at local human service organizations. Field internships allow students the opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge to real life experiences. Courses for the last two years of this program are offered at Rowan's Camden campus.

Rowan International StudiesInternational Studies

Coordinator: Kelly Duke Bryant
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International Studies is an interdisciplinary major designed to prepare you for careers in an increasingly global world. As an International Studies major, you will undertake a rigorous program of study--international politics, economics, geography, languages, history, and cultures--to analyze major issues facing the world community and understand your own society in a broader context. You will also learn how to apply interdisciplinary approaches to global problems and issues and acquire transferable skills in communication, collection and analysis of data, and research. Concentrations are available in

  • International Business and Economics
  • Global and Comparative Perspectives
  • The Middle East and African Studies
  • Asian Studies
  • European and Russian Studies
  • Latin American and Iberian Studies

International Studies majors will be well-positioned to build careers within a wide range of companies, foundations, and governmental organizations that require an in-depth knowledge of international issues or to continue on to graduate programs in a variety of fields. Students also have the option of pursuing a Combined Advanced Degree Program (CADP) with a BA in International Studies and an MBA

Rowan Law and JusticeLaw & Justice Studies

Chair: Dr. Michael Weiss
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The Law and Justice Studies Department at Rowan University offers a unique program that allows students to be very hands-on in their respective fields before graduating. Our students enter the workforce with experience on their resume and full knowledge of what to expect in their respective fields. Our department also takes pride in the fact that faculty are readily available to help students, and we ensure that students are getting the most hands-on, diverse, and practical approach to their Bachelor’s and/or Master’s degree so that they are ready for their future once they graduate. We offer a 4+1 program in which students can earn a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in five years, saving 40% of the cost for getting each degree separately.

Rowan Liberal StudiesLiberal Studies

Coordinator: Sharon McCann
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The Liberal Studies: Humanities/Social Science (LS:HSS) major is designed to offer students the opportunity to pursue multiple areas of study in the humanities and social sciences. Liberal Studies: Humanities/Social Science gives students the ability to combine two academic areas into one flexible and comprehensive Bachelor of Arts degree, creating a truly multidisciplinary education.

Rowan Modern Languages and LinguisticsModern Languages & Linguistics

Chair: Dr. Marilyn Manley
World Languages
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The Major in Modern Languages and Linguistics offers an innovative, flexible, interdisciplinary curriculum that combines the study of modern languages, linguistics, and communication. In order to play a meaningful role in world discourse, in order to protect our national security and in order to compete with our international counterparts in every field of study imaginable, the knowledge of modern languages is now a fundamental and indispensable part of every student's education. As citizens of today's world, students will benefit greatly from the study of modern languages, thus equipping them with the ability to communicate and interact with large populations of speakers coming from different cultural and ideological backgrounds.

Rowan Philosophy and Religion StudiesPhilosophy & Religion Studies

Chair: Dr. Ellen Miller
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Rowan’s Philosophy and Religion Department's stand-out feature is that regionally and even nationally is our class size. Because we keep classes small, they are very personalized. The professors in our department know every student by name, and know what their goals are and how to help them achieve those goals. Additionally, our department has some more specific focuses that most other universities don’t, such as World Philosophy and the Philosophy of Feminism. All of our students are required to take World Philosophy I and II so that they get a broader view of philosophical and ethical problems that face the world today.

Rowan Political SciencePolitical Science

Chair: Dr. Lawrence Markowitz
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A degree in Political Science provides a rigorous liberal arts education that can carry you into a career in law, government, non-profit organizations, and graduate education. Political science includes a wide array of fields of study and methodological approaches in the study of politics and government of all countries and regions of the world. You can choose concentrations within political science at Rowan including American politics and government, state and local government, political theory and ideology, public policy and administration, comparative politics and political economy and international relations. Rowan’s Political Science program offers a well-established internship program and a unique ability to concentrate on public policy in depth.

Rowan Sociology and AnthropologySociology and Anthropology

Chair: Dr. Harriet Hartman
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If you really want to understand the world around you – and make a difference in it – consider Rowan's Department of Sociology and Anthropology. Using empirical data, Rowan students of Sociology and Anthropology study factors that affect and shape cultures and societies. Through a combination of classroom study, the field experience seminar and internships, you will develop and practice critical thinking, problem-solving and communication skills that will serve you well for a lifetime.

Rowan SpanishSpanish

Chair: Dr. Marilyn Manley
World Languages
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The Spanish Major offers a comprehensive and flexible curriculum that makes it possible for students to develop Advanced proficiency in the Spanish language and a deep understanding of the civilization, cultures, and literature from both Spain and Latin America. The major trains you to think and write analytically, enriches your worldview, and prepares you to use the language practically in a wide variety of careers, including teaching, translation and interpretation, business, communications, law, and medicine. It also provides a general background for future professional studies and advanced degrees in Spanish.