Modern Language & Linguistics

Modern Language & Linguistics

Modern Language & Linguistics

Academic Program Guide for Freshmen who entered Fall 2018-Spring 2021

Academic Program Guide for all students who entered Fall 2021 or later

Modern Language & Linguistics Sequence

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Christine Larsen-Britt
Program Advisor

To schedule a advising appointment, visit the Rowan Success Network or call 856-256-4459.


The Major in Modern Languages and Linguistics, which may be declared in the Department of World Languages, Bunce Hall 305 or with the Program Advisor, offers an innovative, flexible, interdisciplinary curriculum that combines the study of modern languages, linguistics and communication. In order to play a meaningful role in world discourse, in order to protect our national security and in order to compete with our international counterparts in every field of study imaginable, the knowledge of modern languages is now a fundamental and indispensable part of every student’s education. As citizens of today’s world, students will benefit greatly from the study of modern languages, thus equipping them with the ability to communicate and interact with large populations of speakers coming from different cultural and ideological backgrounds. Additionally, through the completion of a core course in linguistics or anthropological linguistics and the option of completing additional electives in linguistics and communication, students will be able to put their specific language and culture studies into a broader context.

While the Rowan University Department of World Languages offers coursework in American Sign Language (ASL), Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish, Spanish is the only Advanced Language option that can be completed entirely on Rowan’s campus; students who select a language other than Spanish as the Advanced Language for the program must meet with Dr. Marilyn Manley (, Chair of the Department of World Languages, to discuss Rowan study abroad options and to obtain her approval to transfer in 300/400-level courses taken at other institutions in order to complete the program. Concentration options are available for the Major in Modern Languages and Linguistics, corresponding to the Advanced Language and the Intermediate Language chosen for the program, in American Sign Language (ASL), Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish; each Concentration consists of four courses in the language. The Concentrations should be declared with the Program Advisor.

Credits may be accepted via study abroad, through an Advanced Placement Examination, or via a CLEP Exam. Rowan University’s Testing Center (, located in the Academic Success Center, Savitz Hall, Suite 304, offers the CLEP Exam in Spanish, French and German; depending on their scores, students may earn up to a maximum of 9 s.h. in each of these languages through the CLEP Exam.

Students with previous experience in Spanish who wish to study Spanish as one of their chosen languages for the Major in Modern Languages & Linguistics will be required to take the Spanish Placement Exam (STAMP 4S of Avant Assessment) for initial course placement. Contact Esther Mas Serna ( for more information. All students with existing proficiency in other languages who are interested in continuing their study of those languages within the program will be required to meet with the primary faculty member(s) responsible for teaching those languages for a placement interview to determine initial course placement. Students may earn the credits for any courses skipped via the Authorization for Credit by Examination process. As an exit requirement, all students will be required to take Avant Assessment’s STAMP 4S or STAMP as a final measure of language proficiency in the Advanced-level language chosen for the major.