M.A. in History Program

M.A. in History Program

M.A. in History Program

The Master of Arts in History at Rowan is designed mainly for students who desire increased competence in historical studies preparatory or supplementary for teaching in that field on the high school or community college level. It is also appropriate for students who seek qualification for admission to a doctoral program at another institution and for students who wish to pursue a liberal education at an advanced level for intellectual challenge and personal self-fulfillment.

Our program is set in the tradition of a Liberal Arts education. Courses offer an opportunity for students to extend their knowledge and enhance their competence in historical studies through direct, face-to-face interaction with Rowan's award-winning, full-time faculty members.

One of the distinctive characteristics of our program is flexibility.  The Graduate Coordinator and participating faculty understand that most of our students are completing this program while working and/or other navigating other responsibilities.  While maintaing quality, we seek to offer courses at times and in formats that work for all of our students. 

Total graduate semester hours required for program completion is 30, which menas 10 classes. Students are required to take Readings and Research in United States History and Readings and Research in World History. Students may take one elective graduate course outside of the History Program, chosen in consultation with the graduate advisor.  Students who take a second course outside of the History program may appeal for that course to also count if they can demonstrate that the course and the assignments they completed for that course contained significant history content.

Program Guide: MA Program Guide Link

Advising:  Initial advising for both students considering the program and for those beginning the program is overseen by the Graduate Coordinator.  Subsquent advising may be overseen by faculty members more closely aligned with your area of historical interest (region of the world, time period, etc.).

The Graduate Committee and the Graduate Coordinator:  The program is overseen by a committee of faculty members and led by the Graduate Coordinator, William Carrigan, who can be reached at carrigan@rowan.edu or via his office phone, 856-256-4500 x53986.

Options for Course Study:

Full-time or Part-Time
Students are able to pursue the degree at their own pace. While most students in the program are part-time, taking one or two courses in the evening per semester, some take a full load of three (and with approval four) courses, completing the degree in 12-15 months.

M.A. Thesis Track
The M.A. Thesis Track is designed for those who are interested in pursuing original research and is strongly recommended for those who are planning to do doctoral work in history. To complete the thesis track, students most follow the instructions required by the Graduate School here.

M.A. Non-Thesis Track
Students may choose to complete the degree by pursuing coursework without a thesis. This track may be appropriate for those seeking professional development or broader content knowledge.

To apply for the program, visit the College of Graduate & Continuing Education website.