Public Service

Public Service

Public Service

History majors have long served the public through various roles in government. Rowan history majors have worked for all levels of government from the Central Intelligence Agency to the New Jersey Office of the Governor to local county and municipal agencies.  Some have worked as analysts for policy institutes or think tanks.  At least three have served as President of a college or a university.  One of our majors was elected Secretary of Education for the State of Florida!  You can read the stories of some of these alumni below.

Al Beaver (’00)
Union leader 

Donald Borden (’79)
Former college president, superintendent, and high school history teacher 

Betty Bowe Castor (’63)
Former Florida Secretary of Education, former college president 

Frank J. Esposito (’65)
Former college president and government advisor 

Thomas Graf (‘93)
Import Specialist, Customs and Border Protection
United States Department of Homeland Security 

James Lamond (‘05)
Executive director of policy institute 

David Tarr (’65)
Lead Economist, The World Bank 

Bill Zoda (’02)
Union organizer and representative