Public History

Public History

Public History

The Department is very proud to support those students seeking to work in the field of public history, whether for a museum, an archive, an historical site, or for the wide range of other entities interested in preserving the past and/or sharing it with the public.  To support these students, the Department offers training in digital history and a Certificate of Undergraduate Study (CUG) in Public History. (insert hyperlink).  To learn more about the field of public history, contact faculty member and public history coordinator, Dr. Jennifer Janofsky. To read about some of our alums who have, or are, working in the field, see below.

Rachel Corma (‘16)
Director of Education, Stenton Museum 

Bryan J. Dickerson (’93)
Director of Archives Division, Brick Township 

Emily Grenier (’18)
Membership Manager, Museum of the American Revolution 

Karla Morales (’13)
Park Ranger, National Independence Historic Park 

Amy Osterhoust (’17)
Former Program Manager, Crossroads of the American Revolution (currently Project Analyst, Noblis) 

Ron Weisberger (‘65)
Founder, Bristol Community College Holocaust Museum