The founding CLIO class provided their thoughts on the program and its value.

"It is a great learning community. There are always study groups, and even a facebook group. The classes are fun and interesting, but still challenging, and you even take field trips. You're invited to lectures about graduate school and can sit in on history club meetings. Also, your professors are always there to advise you in anything."  Krista Holmes, CLIO Class of 2006

The "strength of the program is the advisory aspect of it. It ensures having someone knowledgeable of your field who can always help you when it comes time to choosing classes or a double major. It also provides this help without too much structure or rigidity in schedule making."  Christopher Carmena, CLIO Class of 2006

The strengths of the program are "having some of the best professors in their respective fields" and "the living community" because with "everyone living near each other and becoming friends" it "has helped the transition to college life greatly." Gary Yablon, CLIO Class of 2006

"The students become a close knit group and help each other in their studies" and "we all learn from each other." We "also get special attention from professors."  Danielle Abdullah, CLIO Class of 2006

"The CLIO program has great advantages like small, close-knit classes; great student involvement; living together in freshmen dorms develops quicker friendships in your major; easy access to professor and advisor." It "really helped develop my ability to adapt to college life in my living situation and in studies."  Caitlin Flanagan, CLIO Class of 2006

"The small class sizes" and the camaraderie that develops from the fact that "everyone is interested in history."  Kaitlin Wong, CLIO Class of 2006

CLIO "offers small class sizes, great professors, and a chance to bond with people who have similar interests. I liked that we all live in the same hallway." Caitlyn Hahn, CLIO Class of 2006

"Smaller class sizes, the chance to work with others who are all history majors, the individual support." Chris LeMay, CLIO Class of 2006

CLIO has fostered "a really close-knit group of people because of the smaller classes and we live in the same hall. There's also a lot of support from the faculty."  Brian Kenny, CLIO Class of 2006

"The CLIO program allows students with similar interests to take classes and live together. I have found it very helpful to have study buddies so close by." Mariel Suarez, CLIO Class of 2006

"CLIO offers a very good learning environment. I got the best professors, and it made my adjustment to college life easier. It encourages kids to study abroad without which I don't think I would have even considered going abroad." Anthony Spatola, CLIO Class of 2006

"It is great living on the same floor" especially "come test time." We have "great advising" and "are kept up to date on campus activities." Natalie Blasco, CLIO Class of 2006

"It offers history students to have a class that is faster in pace because all students are CLIO. It also offers students a way to get to know each other outside of just class because we live" on the same floor "together."  Christina Rosario, CLIO Class of 2006

CLIO alums have gone on to successful careers, and many of them now cite the importance of CLIO for their college experience.  You can read interviews with former CLIO students here: 

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