BA Program Guides & Sequences

BA Program Guides & Sequences

International Studies BA Program Guides and Suggested Sequences

Every International Studies major MUST choose a 15-credit (five-course) major concentration.  Building on the foundational courses and the Research Methods in International Studies course (IS 25.300), each concentration offers a customizable and focused course of study.  To declare a concentration, please email or see the International Studies advisor.

Concentration Options: Click the links below for a list of approved courses for each concentration 

Program Guide for Global or Area Studies Concentrations:

Program Guide for Concentration in International Business and Economics:

Suggested Sequences: 

(Note that all of the suggested sequences below list courses required for the General Education model rather than the Rowan Core implemented in Fall 2018. While most of the requirements are the same, check the latest program guides--and with advisors for each program--to be sure.)