International Studies Minor

International Studies Minor

International Studies Minor

Students who do not have enough room in their schedules to pursue International Studies as a major or double major may earn an International Studies minor (formally known as "International Studies Concentration"): 18 credit hours, or six courses, from several disciplines related to international studies. The International Studies minor is an interdisciplinary program that helps to prepare students for careers in an increasingly interdependent world. Students are introduced to a wide range of economic, political and environmental issues, and they develop expertise in the culture, history and languages of other parts of the world. International Studies may be pursued in conjunction with major and minor programs.  

International Studies Minor Requirements

Six courses (18 credits) as listed below. Two of the Global/Comparative OR Elective courses must be upper-level (300/400 level) courses. If approved by the department, study abroad students may only need to take one upper-level course. 

  • Global Challenges (3 credits)
  • TWO Global/Comparative Courses (6 credits)
  • TWO Elective Courses (6 credits)
  • SECOND Semester Foreign Language (or CLEP equivalent), e.g. Spanish II. 
    The first semester of the language does NOT count towards the Area Studies/Core course requirements. Any additional foreign language courses in this language (at a higher level) or another language (at any level) may fill Area Studies requirements.
Here is the academic Program Guide with approved courses.

For more information, contact the Education Abroad Office in Hawthorne Hall, third floor, 856-256-4105, Every Rowan-sanctioned Study Abroad experience will fulfill 3 credit hours toward the area studies requirements--and of course students may also count any courses related to international studies that they take abroad. For purposes of the requirement that students take area studies courses from at least 2 departments, the Study Abroad credits count as a separate department.

Internships in international trade, government, communications, business management and marketing can also provide students with valuable skills and work experience. For information about companies involved in such areas in the southern New Jersey and Philadelphia area, contact the CHSS Match Program. For information about international internship opportunities, click on International Opportunites, especially the link entitled "International Affairs and Foreign Policy Scholarships and Internships in the U.S."; you may also contact your professors, your department, or the International Center.

Program Guide

Program Guide with List of Core and Area Studies Courses