International Studies

  • Also known as Hakone Lake is a scenic lake in the Hakone area of Kanagawa Prefecture in Honshū, Japan.

International Studies

International Studies

What is International Studies?

The International Studies program at Rowan is designed to prepare students to live and develop their careers in an increasingly interdependent world. To prosper in this global era, students should work to increase their knowledge of global issues and international relations, institutions, and economies; they should attempt to develop expertise in the languages, history, and cultures of other parts of the world. International education can be a valuable and marketable skill for all students working towards degrees at Rowan, and we hope you will consider one of our programs!

International Studies also:

  • Engages students in an in-depth examination of international politics, economics, history, society, and culture.
  • Helps students understand major global issues and analyze their own society in a broader global context.
  • Teaches students how to apply interdisciplinary approaches to global problems and issues.
  • Provides deep knowledge of a specific theme or world area through a required 5-course major concentration.
  • Promotes strong research, critical thinking, and communication skills.

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Academic Programs

International Studies offers a major, a minor, and an accelerated combined advanced degree program (CADP) which leads to a BA and MBA.

Concentrations and Program Guides

All students must pursue one of seven concentrations in International Business and Economics, Global and Comparative Perspectives, Global Health, and more.

International Studies and Education Abroad

International Studies majors are strongly encouraged to study abroad for at leaast a semester in a country relevant to thier area of focus.

International Studies and World Languages

Four semesters in a world language are required, and we hope you'll learn more.

Career Preparation

Globalization has led to a demand for employees who understand languages and societies from other parts of the world.

Student and Alumni News

Current international Studies majors, minors, and alumni have won prestigious fellowships, obtained competitve internships, and charted paths to professional success after graduation.