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Faculty Publications

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CHSS Dean’s Office

Ammar, N.H., Orloff, L.E. and Couture-Carron, A. (2020). Immigrant victims of interpersonal violence and protection orders. In R.E. Fleury-Steiner, M.K. Hefner, and S. Miller, S.L. (Eds.), Civil Court Responses to Intimate partner Violence. Cognella Press.

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Rodrigues, R., Orloff, L.E.; Couture-Carron, A., Ammar, N.H. (2018). Promoting access to justice for immigrant crime victims and children: Findings of a national judicial survey and recommendations. Trends in State Courts, Courts and Society.

King, A., Eamer, A. & Ammar, N. (2018). Participation and persistence: An analysis of underserved students at UOIT. In B. Merril, A.N. Galimberti, and J. Gonzalez-Monteagudo (Eds.), Continuity and Discontinuity in Learning Careers: Potential for a Learning Space in a Changing World. Brill.

Rodrigues, R, Husain A., Couture-Carron, A., Orloff, L. E., Ammar, N.H. (2018). Access to Justice for Immigrant and Limited English Proficient Crime Victims in an Age of Increased Immigration Enforcement: Initial Report From a 2017 National Survey. American Civil Liberties Union.

English Department

   Narrative Machine


Meadowsong, Zena. Narrative Machine: The Naturalist, Modernist, and Postmodernist Novel. Routledge, 2019.

Articles and Book Chapters:

Coulombe, Joe. “Like A Clown Shot Out of a Cannon: The Function of Humor in Louis Owen’s Nightland.” Louis Owens: Writing Land and Legacy, edited by Joseph Lockard and A. Robert Lee, University of New Mexico Press, 2019. 

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Smith, Marquita R. “‘A Woman Should Have Something of Her Own’: Ethical Reproduction in Octavia Butler’s Wild Seed.” Octavia Butler’s Afrofuturist Visions: Reframing Identity, Culture, and History, edited by Lilith Acadia and Ji Hyun Lee, Lexington Books, 2020.

-----. “Of Kin and Kind.” ‘Membering Austin Clarke: A Writer, A Life, edited by Paul Barrett, Wilfred Laurier Press, November 2020.

-----.“Birthing a New World: Black Women as Surrogates of Liberation in James Baldwin’s If Beale Street Could Talk.” James Baldwin Review, 2020.

-----. “‘Don’t Be a Martyr’: Kinship, Intimacy, and Carceral Care in Ava DuVernay’s Middle of Nowhere.” Special issue of The Black Scholar, vol. 48, no. 1, 2018, pp. 6-19.

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History Department

Cover for   Ballet Class        Media of Historiography Challenging Cosmopolitanism: Coercion, Mobility and Displacement in Islamic Asia  Written HistoryPhilosophy of History

Books and Edited Volumes:

Gedacht, Joshua and R. Michael Feener, eds. Challenging Cosmopolitanism: Coercion, Mobility and Displacement in Islamic Asia. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2018.

Klapper, Melissa. Ballet Class: An American History. New York: Oxford University Press, 2020.

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Wang, Edward, and Zhang Xupeng, eds. Philosophy of history and historical theory of our times: figures, schools and issues. Beijing: Social Science Publishing House, 2020 (in Chinese).

Wang, Edward. Must written history be anthropocentric history? Twenty essays in Western historiography, Shanghai: Shanghai People's Press, 2020 (in Chinese).

Articles and Book Chapters:

Blanck, Emily. “Juneteenth in the Fillmore District, 1945-2016.” Western Historical Quarterly 50, Issue 2 (Summer 2019): 85-112.

Carrigan, William, and Clive Webb. “Linchamientos:  Mob Violence against Persons of Mexican Descent in the United States.” In Latino Peoples in the New America: Racialization and Resistance, edited by José A. Cobas, Joe Feagin, Daniel Delgado and Maria Chávez, 19-45. New York: Taylor and Francis, 2019.

Dakk, Mikkel. “A Question of Consent: The Alberta Eugenics Movement and the 1937 Amendment to the Sexual Sterilization Act.” In Exploring the Relationship of Eugenics and Psychiatry: Canadian and Trans-Atlantic Perspectives, 1905-1972, edited by Frank Stahnisch and Erna Kerbegovic. Edmonton, AB, Athabasca University Press, 2020.

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Law and Justice Studies

Cover image for Criminal Justice in America

Edited Volumes:

Lewandowski, C. and Bumgarner, J. (Eds. (2020). Criminal Justice in America: The Encyclopedia of Crime, Law Enforcement, Courts, and Corrections. ABC-CLIO.

Articles and Book Chapters:

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