Minor in Latin American Studies

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Minor in Latin American Studies

Latin American Studies Minor

Harold Thompson
Academic Advisor
Contact the Academic Advisor via e-mail with any questions about the program. 

The Latin American Studies Minor (18 s.h.) may be declared in the Department of World Languages, Oak Hall 107 or by contacting the University Advising Center, Savitz Hall, Suite 323 (856.256.4459 / advise@rowan.edu).  

This program offers students both breadth and depth, encouraging them to draw connections between different academic approaches in order to understand the diversity, influence, and complexity of Latin America.  The cultural competence gained through this program will prepare students to interact with and contribute to diverse populations with greater cultural awareness and sensitivity.  Furthermore, the interdisciplinary foundation that this program provides will also enhance our graduates’ preparation for a wide variety of careers both in Latin America and with Latino populations at home in the U.S., such as in foreign and public service, international sales and business, humanitarian work, government, politics, international law, and global health care.