Minor in Japanese

Minor in Japanese

Minor in Japanese

Chie Matsumura Dusk
Program Mentor
Bunce Hall, Room 310

(Contact the Program Mentor with questions about placement testing, course content, and study abroad.)

Christine Larsen-Britt
Program Advisor
(Students who have declared the minor may schedule an advising appointment by visiting the Rowan Success Network or calling 856.256.4459. Students with general questions about the minor can contact the University Advising Center, Savitz Hall, Suite 323 (856.256.4459 / advise@rowan.edu). 

The Japanese Minor may be declared in the Department of World Languages, Bunce Hall 305 or by contacting the University Advising Center, Savitz Hall, Suite 323 (856-256-4459 / advise@rowan.edu). This program recognizes students’ completion of 18 s.h. in Japanese language. In addition to gaining linguistic competence, as they progress through the program, students will develop their communicative competence in Japanese and broaden their knowledge of Japanese culture and society. Students will also find that the program encourages their growth and development as global citizens, especially because studying Japanese language and culture provides vastly different perspectives and viewpoints. This academic background will set students apart as they search for employment in a wide variety of career fields, such as foreign and public services, international sales and business, humanitarian work, government, politics, and international law.

Students with existing proficiency in Japanese should contact Chie Matsumura Dusk (dusk@rowan.edu) for a placement interview. It is possible for students to earn credits for the courses that they skip via the Authorization for Credit by Examination process. Contact Chie Matsumura Dusk (dusk@rowan.edu) for more details about this option.

Students may satisfy program requirements through coursework completed at Rowan University, transfer credits obtained from coursework at other institutions, study abroad, and credits obtained through Advanced Placement (up to 12 s.h. in place of “Elementary Japanese I,” “Elementary Japanese II,” “Intermediate Japanese I,” and “Intermediate Japanese II”). Credits obtained from higher level coursework in Japanese may also be transferred in to substitute for any of the courses listed above. All courses must be passed with a letter grade of “C-” or better and no courses may be taken P/NC. Students planning to study abroad must meet with Chie Matsumura Dusk (dusk@rowan.edu), Coordinator for Japanese, in order to determine course equivalents.

Five required courses (3 s.h. each):

JAPA08.101 - Elementary Japanese I
JAPA08.102 - Elementary Japanese II (prerequisite of C- in JAPA08.101 or waiver)
JAPA08.201 - Intermediate Japanese I (prerequisite of C- in JAPA08.102 or waiver)
JAPA08.211 - Intermediate Japanese II (prerequisite of C- in JAPA08.201 or waiver)
JAPA08.212 - Intermediate Japanese III (prerequisite of C- in JAPA08.211 or waiver)

Elective option – Choose one of the following (3 s.h. each):

JAPA08.305 - Oral Japanese (prerequisite of C- in JAPA08.212)
JAPA08.440 - Special Topics (prerequisite of C- in JAPA08.212)