Minor in Italian Studies

  • Italian Studies Minor

Minor in Italian Studies

Minor in Italian Studies

Italian Studies Program Guide

Christine Larsen-Britt
Program Advisor
Bunce Hall, Suite 218

Alessandra Mirra
Program Mentor
Bunce Hall 351C

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The Italian Studies Minor may be declared in the Department of World Languages, Bunce Hall 305, with the Program Advisor, Christine Larsen-Britt (larsen-britt@rowan.edu), in Suite 218, Bunce Hall, at the University Advising Center, Suite 323, Savitz Hall, or at the Registrar’s Office, Suite 121, Savitz Hall. This program allows students to add to their linguistic proficiency in Italian as well as their cultural, social and historical competence, which will benefit them on the job market, especially considering the strong presence of Italian companies, business activities, and institutions in our territory (i.e. foreign and public service, international sales and business, humanitarian work, government, politics, international law). The program will also support students’ growth and development as global citizens and will prepare them to interact with a different population and culture with greater cultural awareness and sensitivity, in accordance with the mission of the Department of World Languages.

This 18 s.h. minor is open to all students. A placement interview is strongly recommended for students with previous knowledge of Italian so that they may begin their Italian language study at the appropriate level. For placement interview information, please contact Dr. Alessandra Mirra at mirra@rowan.edu. Students may earn the credits for any skipped courses via the Authorization for Credit by Examination process and these credits are counted in fulfillment of minor requirements. All courses must be passed with a letter grade of "C-" or better and no courses may be taken P/NC. Students  may transfer credits into the Italian Studies Minor, including from study abroad; student splanning to study abroad must meet with their Advisor in order to determine course equivalents.