Minor in Romance Languages

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Minor in Romance Languages

Minor In Romance Languages

Harold Thompson
Academic Advisor
Contact the Academic Advisor via e-mail with any questions about the program. 

Dr. Blair Watson
Program Mentor
Oak Hall, Rm. 204

Dr. Alessandra Mirra
Program Mentor
Oak Hall, Rm. 206

(Contact the Program Mentors with questions about placement testing, course content, and study abroad.)

The Minor in Romance Languages, which may be declared in the Department of World Languages, Oak Hall 107 or by contacting the University Advising Center, Savitz Hall, Suite 323 (856.256.4459 / advise@rowan.edu), offers a flexible curriculum with many opportunities for selection of courses in French, Italian, and Spanish. This multi-disciplinary program promotes students' understanding of other cultures, develops students' ability to communicate with people from other cultures, and develops an awareness of crossing borders in a linguistic and cultural sense. Students also acquire a basic linguistic competence in French, Italian, and Spanish.

The Department strongly urges potential Romance Language Minors to consult with the Program Advisor, in the event the student already has existing proficiency in Spanish, French and/or Italian and wishes to start at a higher level. Either a placement interview or exam may be necessary; contact Esther Mas for Spanish at mas@rowan.edu; contact Dr. Blair Watson for French at watsonj@rowan.edu; contact Dr. Alessandra Mirra at mirra@rowan.edu for Italian.

In order to satisfy the requirements for this minor, students must take 21 s.h. credits in a combination of French, Italian and Spanish.  These 21 s.h. may be completed through:

  • Taking the French, Italian, and Spanish language courses, each of which is 3 h. (All courses must be passed with a letter grade of "C-" or better and no courses may be taken P/NC.)
  • Taking a placement exam in Spanish and a placement interview in French and Italian, and earning the credits for any skipped courses via the Authorization for Credit by Examination process
  • Transferring in credits, including from Study Abroad, AP credits, as well as credits earned through the CLEP Exam in both French and Spanish (up to 9 s.h., equivalent to the first three semesters of Spanish and French). Contact the Testing Center (testingservices@rowan.edu) in the Academic Success Center, Savitz Hall, Suite 304 for more information. There is no CLEP Exam for Students planning to Study Abroad must meet with the Minor in Romance Languages Advisor in order to determine course equivalents.
  • Students are required to study 3 semesters in one Romance language and 2 semesters in each of the other two Romance A student pursuing either a major or minor in one of these languages can only apply two of these program courses toward the Minor in Romance Languages. (For example, a Spanish major or minor can only use two Spanish courses towards this minor; a French minor can only use two French courses towards this minor.)

Basic Romance Language Minor Model 21 s.h.
FREN02.101 - Elementary French I
FREN02.102 - Elementary French II
ITAL04.101 - Elementary Italian I
ITAL04.102 - Elementary Italian II
SPAN05.101 - Spanish I
SPAN05.102 - Spanish II
And one third semester course of Spanish, French or Italian: Intermediate French I (FREN02.201), Intermediate Italian I (ITAL04.201), or Spanish III (SPAN05.201).