Conc/CUGS in Applied Spanish

Conc/CUGS in Applied Spanish

Concentration/CUGS in Applied Spanish

Program Guide
Application for Completion of CUGS

Christine Larsen-Britt
Advisor for Non-Education Spanish Majors
(856) 256-4068
Bunce Hall, Suite 218

Nadia Rahin
Advisor for Spanish/P-12 Subject Matter Education dual-degree
(856) 256-4664
James Hall 2079

April Ellerbe
Advisor for Spanish/Elementary Education dual-degree
(856) 256-4737
James Hall 3070

The Spanish Major Concentration/Certificate of Undergraduate Study (CUGS) in Applied Spanish (12 s.h.) recognizes students’ completion of 12 s.h. in Applied Spanish courses at the 200, 300 and 400 levels.  For Spanish Majors, this credential is referred to as a Concentration; for non-Spanish Majors, this credential is referred to as a Certificate.  This Concentration/Certificate enhances the profile of all job applicants across all fields of study, as it represents the ability to apply one’s knowledge of Spanish to a variety of career fields, including, for example, business, medicine, translation, and education. 

In order to declare this Concentration, contact the Program Advisor, Christine Larsen-Britt (, 856-256-4068), Nadia Rahin (for Spanish/K-12 Subject Matter Education students,, 856-256-4664), April Ellerbe (for Spanish/Elementary Education  students,, 856-256-4737), or the Department of World Languages.  Students may declare this as a CUGS in the Department of World Languages, with Christine Larsen-Britt, at the University Advising Center, Suite 323, Savitz Hall, or at the Registrar’s Office, Suite 121, Savitz Hall.

Required Course
SPAN 05.212 Spanish Reading and Composition

Elective Courses - Choose three of the following:

SPAN05.300 Spanish Phonetics
SPAN05.302 Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics
SPAN05.305 Oral Spanish
SPAN05.312 Spanish for Business A
SPAN05.313 Spanish for Medical Personnel
SPAN05.314 Spanish for Business B
SPAN05.320 Spanish Civilization and Culture
SPAN05.324 Spanish American Civilization and Culture-M/G
SPAN05.340 Introduction to Spanish Translation
SPAN05.410 Advanced Spanish Grammar and Composition
or SPAN05.409 Advanced Spanish Grammar and Composition-WI
SPAN05.411 Advanced Spanish Conversation

Students may satisfy program requirements through coursework completed at Rowan University, transfer credits obtained from coursework at other institutions, and study abroad. Students planning to study abroad must meet with the Concentration/Certificate Advisor in order to determine course equivalents.