American Studies at Rowan University

American Studies at Rowan University

Tips for Success in Philosophy Classes

Jones, W. T. A History of Western Philosophy, 5 volumes, Wadsworth Publishing. These texts concentrate on major figures in each historical period, combining exposition with direct quotations from the philosophers themselves. The text places philosophers in appropriate cultural context and shows how their theories reflect the concerns of their times. (Volume 1: the Classical Mind, Volume 2: The Medieval Mind, Volume 3: Hobbes to Hume, Volume 4: Kant and the Nineteenth Century, Volume 5: The Twentieth Century to Quine and Derrida)

A Companion to Continental Philosophy, edited by Simon Critchley and William R. Schroeder, Blackwell Publishing, 1998.

A Companion to Analytic Philosophy, edited by Al Martinich and E David Sosa, Blackwell Publishing, 2001.

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Tong, Rosemarie. (1998). Feminist Thought: A More Comprehensive Introduction, Westview Press. An overview of major historical approaches to feminist philosophy, for example liberal feminism, radical feminism and global feminisms.