American Studies Minor

American Studies Minor

American Studies Minor

The Minor in American Studies offers students a critical grounding in American society, history, and culture. It will serve students in a wide range of programs, especially those with a pre-professional emphasis. This credential would indicate that they have a deeper knowledge of America: its people, history, structures, and culture. In this minor, students begin with a course to introduce them to the field and interdisciplinary thinking and writing, AMST 13101 Introduction to American Studies. The second tier of classes provides a breadth of backgrounds in American history, literature, structures and culture.  Finally, students may customize and deepen their knowledge with the two course upper level requirement.

Required Courses 3 s.h.
AMST  13.101 Introduction to American Studies

Interdisciplinary Options 12 s.h.

Choose one course from each section:

History 3 s.h.
HIST  05.151 US History to 1865
HIST  05.150 US History since 1865

Social Sciences 3 s.h.
POSC  07.110 American Government
POSC  07.230 Comparative Political Systems
SOC   08.120 Introduction to Sociology

English 3 s.h.
ENGL  02.313 US Literature I
ENGL  02.315 US Literature II

Culture 3 s.h.
REL   10.210 Religion in America
GEOG  16.201 Geography of US and Canada
RTF   03.205 TV History and Appreciation
AFST  11.103 Introduction to Africana Studies

Other American-themed lower level courses may satisfy this requirement with permission from coordinator

Electives 6 s.h. 

Select two courses from this list, at least one must be upper level.