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American Studies Major

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In Fall 2016, the American Studies Program began a new revised major for its students.  This new major offers students:
  • More flexibility
    • Fewer required courses
    • No more banks
    • Some courses will qualify for more than one topic requirement
  • More rigor and preparation for upper level courses
    • New Interdisciplinary Research and Writing course
      • Taught by faculty in Social Sciences, History, and Literature
      • Project-based learning
  • Ability to specialize
    • Students can choose courses with similar themes across several disciplines
    • New CUGS will fit in nicely with the elective choices for the major
  • Addition of Popular Culture requirement
  • More career planning
    • In all AMST courses, students will be introduced to career skills
    • All AMST students will take an internship

Program Guide: click here

Double Majoring

American Studies majors are encouraged to double major to specialize their degree towards their career or personal goals. With American Studies, you become: "A Value Added Professional

Double majoring with American Studies can lead to great outcomes! Students can get any of these double majors and graduate in four years. For some, there is significant overlap, allowing a student to study abroad, learn a language, or get a certificate of undergraduate study.

Public Relations and Advertising

An American Studies double-major has a deeper understanding of American History and Culture. They know the public that they are communicating with. They know how to integrate broad swaths of American society and culture to develop the knowledge to communicate effectively and creatively with the American Public.


American Studies major educators have a broad education to teach a wide variety of content to their students, including citizenship, history, and English.   The Common Core encourages interdisciplinary methods that American Studies teach.


Having a broad and interdisciplinary education can give your entrepreneurial ideas more depth. American Studies majors will have a deep well from which to get ideas and to know their audience.

Law and Justice

American Studies majors with law and justice will learn the context of the legal system in American society and culture. An American Studies double major can be a lawyer who knows the history behind the precedent or a police officer who understands the significance of poverty or race on social behavior.

Social Worker

American Studies majors understand the historical and cultural influences on society. They can better identify and understand their populations.

AND MORE… Almost any professional choice will be enhanced when a student takes courses that excite them, deepen their understanding of American politics, history, society, and culture and teaches them to integrate knowledge from all aspects of their life.