It’s a Minor Story

It’s a Minor Story

It’s a Minor Story on the Margin of the War: Jewish Internment in Wartime Canada

Date/Time: March 22, 2018 /5pm
Place: Robinson | Room 201A


It’s a Minor Story on the Margin of the War: Jewish Internment in Wartime Canada

In May 1940, fearful of infiltration by potential “fifth columnists,” Great Britain rounded up and detained “enemy aliens” – persons from Axis countries. Included in the waves of arrests were tens of thousands of German and Austrian Jewish male civilian refugees, 2,300 of whom were temporarily relocated to Canada. Once there, they encountered a new stage of persecution: internment. Dr. Goldberg’s lecture sheds light on this group of refugees’ little-known story of persecution, resistance, and survival during a dark page in world history.

Dr. Adara Goldberg is a Post-Doctoral Fellow in Holocaust and Genocide Studies at Stockton University and the incoming Director of the Holocaust Resource Center at Kean University.

Following Dr. Goldberg’s talk, there will be a book signing as well for her work on Holocaust Survivors in Canada (2015).