Careers & Internships

Careers & Internships

Careers and Internships in American Studies

Prepare for a career, prepare for life… 

The greatest value of the American Studies major is diverse thinking. In no other curriculum is the student offered such a wide exposure to thinking and scholarship in so many areas: political, intellectual, social and economic history, literature, religion, music, art, folklore, and material culture are all studies in American Studies programs. American Studies encourages critical and creative thinking aimed at drawing connections and building bridges between these diverse aspects of the American Studies experience, both past and present. Rowan University’s American Studies Program specializes in preparing students for a broad swath of careers and to be responsible citizens.


All students in the American Studies program will explore their career choice through a required internship.  While most education majors may choose to just fulfill their student teaching for their internship, others may use the internship in History to explore working in a historical society or historical site,  still others may choose to use CHSS Match, the College of Humanities and Social Science's own intership matchmaking course.  Even more options are available depending on a student's career path.  

Career Preparation

American Studies majors do not only prepare students through internships, but receive support to explore careers, professionalize, and connect their major to the career of their choice. 

  • In Introduction to American Studies, you will participate a career exploration workshop.  In this workshop, two American Studies related advisors will help you learn what you enjoy and connect American Studies as a major and the wide variety of careers available out there.
  • In Interdisicplinary Research and Writing, you will continue your career exploration through some in class activities and will work on developing professional dress and a strong resume. 
  • In Senior Seminar in American Studies, you will have a chance to talk about how American Studies prepared you for your current career. 

What will I be good at?

  • Research: finding and evaluating information
  • Reasoning: creating and defending an argument
  • Communication: written and interpersonal skills
  • Critical thinking: using evidence to analyze and assess issues objectively
  • Cultural knowledge: deep knowledge and understanding of U.S. society and culture
  • Contextual thinking: ability to understand issues within a broader context
  • Diverse thinking: ability to integrate a variety of points of views and methodologies

Where have American Studies majors worked? 

Occupations of Rowan’s American Studies Alumni include:

  • Professor, University of Southern Miami
  • Speech Language Pathologist
  • State Police Officer
  • Human Rights Lawyer
  • Elementary School Teachers
  • Early Childhood teachers
  • Middle school teacher
  • Reading Specialist teacher
  • Special Education Teacher
  • Assistant to Dean, New England College of Optometry
  • Administrator, Volunteers of America
  • Fulbright Scholar, Malaysia
  • Division Director, Health and Human Services Law office
  • Peace Corps Officer, Jamaica
  • Rowan University Division of Student Life
  • Owner, Guy Leaming Insurance Agency
  • Professional Flutist