American Studies

American Studies

American Studies

The interdisciplinary program in American Studies challenges students to investigate the diversity of ideas and circumstances that create American society, culture, an history as they develop their critical writing, reading, and communication skills. Our program's structure requires students to learn methodologies and content across a wide range of scholarly disciplines and to weave this material together using interdisciplinary methodology. This interdisciplinary foundation will prepare students to be stronger and more productive citizens with an ability to adapt to the changing world.

The program in American Studies aspires to attract a broad and diverse body of students from many disciplinary backgrounds to provide a deeper sense of the history, society and culture of the United States to their personal, intellectual, civic, and vocational goals. We plan to cultivate a distinctive identity by focusing our courses on the issue of citizenship and by providing explicit support for students' vocational skills. This focus on undergraduate education and preparation for personal, civic, and career goals should make our program a distinct offering and an educational asset for students in Southern New Jersey and beyond.

Program Coordinator: Dr. Katie Turner
Office: Robinson 215C

Flag Competition Winner Selected

The American Studies Program is happy to announce the winners of the Flag Competition! Angela Brown (Communication) won a $100 Amazon gift card for her image, titled "Hope is a Waking Dream" inspired by her progressive advocacy. Angela stated "our Flag has the opportunity to stand for the past present, and future. With it, I hold the hope that together we can unite and make a difference."

Runners-up and winners of $20 gift cards were Krystal Mannering (Liberal Arts) and Priscilla Ahwin (Biological Sciences), making this a truly interdisciplinary competition.

The winning entries and accompanying statements are attached in a Google folder. Let's share their accomplishments!

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Flag Competition Winner Hope is a Waking Dream