Resources for Students

Resources for Students

Resources for Students

The life of a college student is full of transitions. At Rowan, you have access to a number of services that can support you through the challenges that you may face as a student. Common challenges are below. If you have a specific question, contact Stephen Fleming, Assistant Dean, at


Not sure what to register for?
Your academic advisor is your best resource for reviewing course selection. You can find your academic advisor here. Your program guide is a helpful tool in course scheduling, as well. All CHSS program guides can be found here.

Are you unsure about how to register?
The Registrar’s Office and your academic advisor are the best resources for registration. To learn how to register using Banner Self-Service, visit the Registrar’s website on which the directions are clearly outlined. You should discuss registration with your academic advisor. Your academic advisor is listed in your “Network” in the Rowan Success Network (RSN). You can also find your advisor here (link to advisor sheet).
Do you want to drop or withdrawal from a class?
There is a difference between a drop and a withdrawal. A drop of a course removes that course from your transcript entirely and may initiate a financial adjustment. A withdrawal does not remove the class from your transcript, but rather records a W (for regular withdrawals) or WP/WF (for late and hardship withdrawals) in place of a grade. More information about drop and withdrawal periods and drop and withdrawal froms can be found on the Registrar’s website.
Do you need to register for more than 18 credits?
Students require prior approval to register for more than 18 credits. To obtain approval, request that your academic advisor email Stephen Fleming, Assistant Dean, with a brief explanation about why it is necessary to take more than 18 credits. Upon approval, Dean Fleming will then provide you with a memo to bring to the Registrar’s office to increase your credit capacity. Remember that any additional credit above the 17 credit flat tuition rate will generate an additional charge.


Are hardships impacting your academics?
The Wellness Center offers many services including individual and group counseling to support students’ emotional needs. If you are managing anxiety, depression, or another diagnosed medical condition, you may be eligible for classroom accomodations through the Disability Resources office.
Did something suddenly impact your ability to complete a class or return to Rowan?
The University has several options for students who cannot complete a class or need to take an extended leave. Students can request to drop or withdrawal from a class or all classes via the Registrar’s website. Students may also take a Leave of Absence of up to four consecutive semesters. To request a Leave of Absence, students can complete a short online form here.

Are you navigating food insecurity?
The University continues to address the growing issues of food insecurity on campus. If you are struggling with affording food, The SHOP is an on-campus food pantry that offers a range of free and confidential support services that can connect you with appropriate campus and community resources. They also have nonperishable food, personal care items and school supplies available.


Are you struggling with understanding the course material? 
The professor of the class is a valuable resource for reviewing class material. Consider visiting the professor during his or her office hours. The Tutoring Center offers peer tutoring for many classes. If you do not see your class on their tutoring schedule, they are happy to identify a tutor for your class.  Tutoring can be scheduled using the Rowan Success Network (RSN) or by visiting the Tutoring Center on the 3rdfloor of Savitz Hall.
Do you need assistance with writing?
The Writing Center is a great resource for students who require assistance with writing. Peer writing tutors can provide guidance with brainstorming your writing and help you learn useful writing skills. To make an appointment, click here or call the Center at 856-256-4376. The Writing Center is located in the Campbell Library in Room 131.
Do you need to receive classroom accomodations for a disability?
Did you have a 504 plan or Individualized Education Plan (IEP) in high school? Are you experiencing a temporary or permanent disability that impacts your ability to attend classes, take tests, or meet deadlines? The Disability Resources Office can provide you with an accommodation letter that you can present to your professors for additional assistance. The documentation process requires you to complete a one-page form and submit documentation from a medical provider. Once you have an accommodation letter, you can choose to present it to whoever you want, whenever you want. 


Not sure how to contact your professor?
Professors are there to help, but you have to initiate the communication. Your course syllabus will typically give you a good indication of your professor’s preferred method of communication. If not, draft a professional email to your professor including your name and the class name to schedule a meeting. Unless you visit during the professor’s scheduled office hours, do not assume that the professor will be in his or her office and visit unannounced. Scheduling an appointment in advance will respect everyone’s time, including yours.
Are you having difficulty with a professor?
If you are struggling with a professor, often the first step to addressing your concerns would be to do so with the professor directly. You can request to meet with the professor after class or during office hours. In situations where you do not feel comfortable communicating directly with the professor, you should share your concerns with the department chair or Assistant Dean for that class.
Are you interested in disputing a grade?
Grade disputes must be initiated by the student 20 days into the semester following the one in which the grade was recorded. The professor of the course should be the first point of contact. Should a resolution not be met, the grade dispte would be escalated as per the Grade Dispute Policy.


What is RSN?
The Rowan Success Network (RSN) is a s a tool to enhance student success at Rowan by creating a better informed, more connected campus community. Students receive regular feedback from faculty, learn about campus resources, and make appointments with key academic support personnel. Faculty participate by providing encouragement and support to students; enabling advisors and staff to take a holistic approach to success by obtaining an overview of the student’s academic life.

How can the SJICR help me?
The Social Justice, Inclusion and Conflict Resolution (SJICR) Office is a multifaceted resource to all students on campus. They primarily exist to promote an inclusive university community where individuals are empowered to grow in their understanding of identity, social justice, and the skills needed to lead a more just society. To learn more about the many programs, services, and student clubs offered, visit the SJICR Website.

Do you need the Camden shuttle schedule?
Rowan offers many shuttles including a shuttle between the Glassboro campus and the Camden campus. All shuttle schedules can be found here.
For a comprehensive list of academic policies, visit