2023 Fall Events

2023 Fall Events

2023 Fall Events


Book Club
Dara Horn, People Love Dead Jews: Reports on a Haunted Present
Co-Sponsored with SJICR
Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 856 8368 4683
Passcode: 591026
Wed. Sep. 13, 12:30, Robinson Hall 216

Reproductive Justice Panel
On Constitution Monday, this panel will discuss the timely topic of reproductive justice, exploring it from religious, philosophical, legal, and activist perspectives.
Mon. Sep. 18, 3:30pm, Bozorth Hall 112

Author Series
Mikkel Dack, Everyday Denazification in Postwar Germany: The Fragebogen and Political Screening During the Allied Occupation
Co-Sponsored with History Department
Wed. Sep. 20, 11am, Hollybush Mansion

Virtual Tour and Discussion
The “Shoah” Exhibition in Block 27 at the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum
Discussion led by Jody Russell Manning
In person and Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 631 823 685
Password: 735241
Mon. Sep. 25: 2pm, Robinson Hall 308

Hollybush Author Series
Jake Keyel, Resettled Iraqi Refugees in the United States
Co-Sponsored with Department of Sociology and Anthropology
Wednesday 27: 11am Virtual

Persuading the Public
Dr. Pluta will answer questions on her new book, Persuading the Public: The Evolution of Presidential Communication from Washington to Trump
Sponsored by the Rowan Institute for Public Policy and Citizenship (RIPPAC) and the department of Political Science
Thu. Sep. 28, 2pm, Robinson Hall 227 / Light refreshments will be served

Female Trouble: Gender Race, and Class in American Pageantry
A talk by author Margot Mifflin
Sponsored by the American Studies Program and the College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Fri. Sep. 29, 1pm, Chamberlain Student Center 221
Also on Zoom


First Annual Lecture in African History
Dr. Nakanyike Musisi of the University of Toronto
Mon. Oct. 9, 5pm,Savitz Hall, Admissions Conference Room

Book Club
Dara Horn, People Love Dead Jews: Reports on a Haunted Present
Co-Sponsored with SJICR
Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 856 8368 4683
Passcode: 591026
Wed. Oct. 11, 12:30, Robinson Hall 216

Student-Led Discussion
Capitalism and Structural Genocide: Roots of Violence
Co-Sponsored with Rowan Progressives and led by RCHGHR Student Association
Mon. Oct. 16, 8am, Robinson 103

Author Series
Debbie Sharnak, Of Light and Struggle: Social Justice, Human Rights, and Accountability in Uruguay
Co-Sponsored with History Department
Wed. Oct. 18: 11am, Hollybush Mansion

Centennial Lecture #2
David Tarr, "How to Save the Planet."
Co-sponsored by CHSS, Rohrer College of Business, School of Earth and Environment.
Thu. Oct. 19th, 7pm, Eynon Ballroom

What We Did With Our History Degrees
Panel of history alums meeting with current history majors. 
Fril Oct. 20th, 11am, University Archives

History Major Reunion - SOLD OUT!
Fri. Oct. 20th, 7pm, Summit City Winery

Barry Trachtenberg (English alum, '91), the Rubin Presidential Chair of Jewish History and Professor of History at Wake Forest University
Speaking on his new research project
Co-Sponsored with History Department and Department of Philosophy and World Religions
Mon. Oct. 23rd, 5pm, Business 301

Discussion Series
Cambodian Genocide Survivor Chanty Jong
Thu. Oct. 26, 7pm, Discovery Hall 414

Student-Led Discussion
“Anti-Semitism in Media: Fact from Fiction”
Mon. Oct. 30, 8am, Robinson Halll 103
Co-Sponsored with Rowan Hillel and led by RCHGHR Student Association


Meet the Author
Dara Horn, People Love Dead Jews
Co-Sponsored with the Hollybush Institute
Wed. Nov. 1, 12:30pm, Virtual
Meeting ID: 856 8368 4683
Passcode: 591026

Student-Led Discussion
“The Portrayal of the Modern Indigenous Experience in the Television Show Reservation Dogs,”
Co-Sponsored with Student History Association, Phi Alpha Theta, and led by RCHGHR Student Association
Wed. Nov. 1, (8am, Discovery Hall 411

Hollybush Speaker Series
Alex Alvarez, “Climate Change and Global Security”
Tue. Oct. 7, 5pm, Wilson Hall 212

Five Survivors Tell the World.” The Manya Project.
irected by Anthony Hostetter
Wed. Nov. 8: 8pm, Pfleeger Concert Hall D

Annual Paul B. Winkler Event
“Aurora’s Sunrise” Film Screening (2022)
Directed by Inna Sahakan
Co-Sponsored by The Zoryan Institute
Thu. Nov. 9, 7pm, Student Center Eynon Ballroom

“Five Survivors Tell the World.” The Manya Project
Directed by Anthony Hostetter
Fri and Sat, Nov. 10 & 11: 8pm, Pfleeger Concert Hall

Study Trip
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Fri. Nov. 17, (Registration Required)

Hollybush Author Series
Debbie Sharnak, Uruguay in Transnational Perspective
Tue. Nov. 28, 2pm, Virtual


Book Club
Dara Horn, People Love Dead Jews
Co-Sponsored with SJICR
Zoom Meeting 
Meeting ID: 856 8368 4683
Passcode: 591026
Wed. Dec. 6, 12:30pm, Robinson Hall 216

2023 Summer




2023 Spring


The War Over History? Understanding Russian Aggression Against Ukraine - Serhy Yekelchyk
Hollybush Author Series
Tuesday 4, 11:00-12:15, Virtual

Growing Just Food Systems
Monday 17, 2PM, Discovery Hall 101
A conversation with People's Kitchn philly about community, access, healing, and neighborhood self-determination.
Sponsored by the Philosophy and World Religions department, CHSS, and Geography, Planning, and Sustainability.

Enta Omry (You Are My Soulmate) - an Arabic film
Monday 17, 2PM, Bunce 147
Snacks and a Raffle
Sponsored by the World Languages department

Yom HaShoah and Genocide Awareness Event
Monday 17, 5:00-6:15, Business 131
RCHGHR Student Association

Law and Justice Day, 2023
Wednesday 19, 10AM-1PM, Bunce Green
Join the Law and Justice Studies program out on the Bunce Green to celebrate top Law and Justice students, New Jersey's top german shephards and other dogs, and equipment used to solve cases and beat crime.
Free pizza and other lite snacks.

Labyrinth of Lies
RCHGHR Film Series
Wednesday 19, 2:00-4:30, Engineering Hall 320

Historical Methods Student Presentations on Genocide
Thursday 20 and Tuesday 25, 3:30-5:00, Robinson 308
Professor Jody Russell Manning

The Escape Artist: The Man Who Broke Out of Auschwitz to Wan the World by Jonathan Freedland
RCHGHR Book Club
Wednesday 26, 12:30-1:30, Robinson 201B and Zoom / Meeting ID 856 8368 4683 / Passcode 591026
Co-Sponsored with SJICR 


Offshore Wind Technology in New Jersey: Sustainability, Emerging Markets and Policy
Steve Sweeney Center for Public Policy
Wednesday 3, 8:30am-1pm, Business Hall, Rm 104 (more info here)