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The Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention is a federal agency that provides a wealth of information on juvenile justice issues.

Restorative Justice Information
This is an on-line resource for anyone interested in better understanding restorative justice, including practitioners interested in starting a restorative justice program.

National Criminal Justice Reference Center
A must site. Access to the NCJRS catalog of books and periodicals (one of the largest in the world). Links to criminal justice sites and dcouments. Access to bureau of justice statistics information.

Bureau of Justice Statistics
An excellent site. Many research reports available pertaining to current and recent research. Correctional, court, police trends and many more. Updates on program evaluation. A must see.

Sourcebook for Criminal Justice Statistics
Another excellent site. A must have for anyone interested in criminal justice. The Sourcebook contains hundreds of tables depciting trends and information on the system, public opinion, victim information, personnel management and countless other pieces of information. If you were to only check out one link this should be the one. You may also need to download Adobe Reader -- the site will walk you through the download.

National Archive of Criminal Justice Data
Source to download and then analyze data from previously funded research.

National Incident Based Reporting System
Site of the NIBRS which is a system to collect crime data in greater detail than the UCR of the FBI. Well worth a look.

National Institute of Justice
Home page of NIJ. Information on research and funding.

Vera Institute of Justice
The institute conducts a myriad of research projects on criminal justice topics. Worth a look. Page has many links to other governmental agencies.

Institute for Law and Justice
Has many links to criminal justice sites and information on on-going and prior research in criminal justice. Research reports on domestic violence, community policing and sexual assaults among many others. A very good site.


Juvenile Justice

Office of Juvenile Justice Delinquency and Prevention
Site of OJJDP which provides funding for various juvenile justice programs and evaluations and acts as clearinghouse for juvenile justice information. A must see for anyone interested in juvenile justice research.

Juvenile Justice Center
Site of the juvenile justice center. The center attempts to help children with counseling, and represnetation of delinquent youth, juvenile detention and corrections reform; waiver of juveniles; overrepresntiation of minority and other concerns of juveniles.



Amnesty International
Home page of Amnesty International. Current information on human rights research around the world, including the United States. Be sure to catch Betraying the Young: Children in the US Justice System Amnesty's research on the US Juvenile Justice System.

New Jersey Department of Corrections
Home page of the NJDOC. Links to overview of system, offender characteristics, types and numbers of offenders under the DOC, bureau of Parole, job opportunities and other information. A must for anyone interested in NJ corrections.

Correctional Information
Billed as the "largest online resource for news and information in Corrections." Much information on anything relating to corrections from privitization to funding to international corrections issues. Well worth a look to gauge current correctional trends, issues and policies.

National Center on Institutions and Alternatives
Site for NCIA, a non-profit private agency concerned with seeking alternatives to incarceration and providing training, technical assistance, research and direct services to criminal justice, social services, and mental health organizations and clients across the country. A good site for additional criminal justice links as well as the current state of affairs in the corrections field.

Bureau of Prisons
Site for the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Links to other corrections sites. Information on the federal system and federal inmate information.

National Institute of Corrections
Site of the NIC. Provides access to corrections research, data and many corrections publications. Also contains many links to other corrections-related web sites.

Center for Resorative Justice & Peacemaking
Site of the Center for Restorative Justice. Contains information related to training, resources and links related to the restorative justice movement.

Victim Offender Mediation Association
A site dedicated to informing policy-makers and researchers about victim-offender programs throughout the country. Training information is also available.


Law Enforcement

Site of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Information on the Uniform Crime Report, current investiations, most wanted. A must see for the UCR data.


Crime Causation

Crime Times
Provides summaries of research showing biological influences on criminal behavior.

Information on Income Inequality
Provides news and expertise on income and wealth inequality



Federal Courts
Home page for the federal judiciary. News, court updates, job opportunities, publications and assorted other pieces of information. Worth a look if you're interested in the US court system.

Legal Resources
A site of legal resource links. Legal news, Supreme Court cases (1894-present), governmental resources, international law. If you're into legal information this could be a great place for you.

Victim Information
A site within the Department of Justice page. Information on victims' rights, support groups and restitution, training and funding.