Advising Questions

Advising Questions

  Advising Questions

Who is my advisor?

If you are currently a student in the Law & Justice department, you have an assigned advisor.

  • University Advising Center - (856) 256-4459,, 3rd Floor Savitz Hall
  • Students with the last name starting with L-Z are advised by Ivelisse Silva - 
  • The University Advising Center will also be happy to help you change your major. They can answer all basic advising questions.

How do I contact my advisor?

Each advisor has office hours, voice mail, and e-mail. Office numbers, phone extensions, and office hours are posted online under Faculty & Staff and outside the front desk on the fifth floor of Campbell Library. You can also make appointments through the Rowan Success Nework.

How do I check my transcripts?

You can check your transcripts online by using Banner. You will need your password and ID. If you do not have one, check at Memorial Hall. No, we will not print one out for you.

What courses do I need for my degree in Law & Justice?

A program guide for Law & Justice Studies students, listing all the courses you need to take can be found here.

Where can I find out what counts as a General Education class?

A guide for choosing General Education courses can be found here.

Where do I get registration/class information?

Registration materials & lists of classes for the semester are posted on the Registrar's web site.

I took classes somewhere else. How do they transfer in?

Rowan is now a part of a statewide credit evaluation system. BEFORE YOU CALL the Law & Justice Studies department check here. ALSO, BEFORE YOU CALL the Law & Justice Studies department - check with the credit evaluation department of the Registrar's Office or with Admissions. PLEASE keep in mind, the Law & Justice Studies Department does not generally make decisions about transfer credits. NOTE: Starting Fall 2002, you may only use 67 s.h. of transfer credits from a community college/two-year college toward your degree in Law & Justice Studies. NOTE: No courses in which the student has earned a grade of less than "C" can receive transfer credit within the Law and Justice Studies major. NOTE: Not all classes transfer in to Rowan. If we teach the course here at the 300/400 level, you generally will not receive credit for that course from a two-year college. NOTE: You must complete a minimum of 8 Law & Justice courses at Rowan University.

How many D's can I have and still graduate?

  • Students are required to earn a C- or better in all Law and Justice Studies major courses counted toward graduation, in Rowan Experience courses, and in the following required general education courses:
    Social Problems, The Logic of Everyday Reasoning, Essentials of Psychology, and American Government. Transfer students who earned D's in these required courses will not be able to use those transferred classes to fulfill these requirements.
  • Transfer students are permitted to transfer in D's for outside free electives and the following general education classes: College Comp I, College Comp II, Lab Science, Math course, Social & Behavioral Science classes, and History, Language Arts or Humanities classes.

I want to graduate! What is the procedure?

You need to fill out an application to graduate in the Fall Semester for Fall & Spring graduation and in the Summer Semester for Summer graduation. These forms are completed online through Banner. If you want to walk through graduation but will not finish your course work until Summer, you need an "Application to Walk" from the Registrar's Office.

Have I met all the requirements?

You need to meet with your advisor to determine if you have met all the requirements for graduation. Meeting with your advisor regularly ensures you know what requirements you have met. Please remember, you will need a 2.0 GPA minimum in order to graduate. Students starting Summer 2002 may not earn any D's in any required courses in Law and Justice Studies and some General Education courses.

Email Info

USE YOUR ROWAN EMAIL ACCOUNT! The university and the department regularly correspond with students through email. All Rowan University students have a free Rowan email account set up. All you need to do is check with the IT department in Memorial Hall for activation, etc. You can set your Rowan email up to bounce to whatever email account you prefer (e.g. hotmail, aol) - it's easy! The IT department offers these directions: log onto the student portal at and set a forwarding address under "options". You can set the forwarding address to any email account you prefer. A lot of university announcements, student life announcements, etc. are posted to your Rowan email account - be sure to use it!

Posted Info

The bulletin board near the front desk on the fifth floor of Campbell Library has all the information posted pertaining to classes, advisors, office hours, etc.

Can I take a class off campus?

To some extent, yes you may. However, there are two important factors to keep in mind: 1) you really should take your classes here at Rowan, and 2) starting Summer 02 the Law & Justice department will only accept up to 67 s.h. earned from community colleges.

What are the procedures?

BEFORE you take a class off campus, you need to get an "Approval to Take Courses at Another Institution" form from the Registrar's Office. You fill it out, the registrar's office fills it out, and then you bring it to your ADVISOR to have it signed.

Can I repeat courses?

Yes. But you may only enroll for a course twice (if repeating for a 3rd time, the deparment chair needs to sign a form). If you repeat a course, be sure to fill out a "Retake" form at the Registrar's Office. NOTE: regardless of grade, your new grade will stand (not the better of the two grades), unless you notify the Registrar's Office that you want to delete the lower grade. If you don't, your original grade will still be in the computer. NOTE: you may not transfer a course in to replace a poor grade earned at Rowan.

I want to... Can you advise me?

Go to Grad/Law School
You need to have good grades (generally above a 3.0), GRE score strong writing skills, and letters of recommendations. Both your advisor and the CAP Center can help you.

Get a job
You need to go to the CAP Center. They will help you with resumes, interviewing skills, job searches, letters of recommendation ...everything. They are very nice, professional people. This is a GREAT FREE service for you. You can also look for some information on the department's home page.

Get an internship
You can speak to your advisor about some possibilities, but Dr. Yeldell is the person to contact for more specific information. His contact information is here.