Dean's Welcome

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Dean's Welcome

Dean's Welcome

Dr. Nawal Ammar, DeanWe are one of the largest academic colleges within Rowan University, and as the home of the majority of Rowan Core courses, we make contact with just about every student who graduates with a Rowan degree. Our College vision is "Breaking boundaries and creating knowledge to benefit our changing world.” True to the liberal arts mission, we ask questions fundamental to our increasingly complex existence through varied programs of study, with many opportunities for experiential learning and other co-curricular activities. We offer our students a form of education that encourages them to pursue vocations that are rooted in the desire to improve things and make their world a better place.

Our biggest secret is our faculty members who are excellent teachers and active researchers. They are committed to innovative pedagogy, and their successes in their individual disciplines translate into unique and lively classroom experiences. Besides being serious academics, my colleagues in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences are also truly committed to your success.

Our bachelor's level programs include Africana Studies, American Studies, Anthropology, Area Studies, Bachelor of General Studies, Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management, Economics, English, History, Human Services, International Studies, Law and Justice Studies, Liberal Studies, Modern Languages and Linguistics, Spanish, Philosophy, Political Science, Sociology, and World Religions. The seven departments and Interdisciplinary Center that offer these degrees also offer a large number of minors and undergraduate certificates. In addition, we offer graduate programs in Criminal Justice, Diversity and Inclusion, Emergency and Threat Response Management, History, Holocaust and Genocide Education, Public Policy, and Social Work. The College also participates in a large number of programs within Rowan University for students who want to explore further their educational options. Our programs of study are designed to prepare you to be reflexive thinkers and leaders–-in other words, individuals who are competent and capable yet compassionate, curious, and deeply interested in always improving upon their personal skillsets.

If you think it is important to think critically about our existence as human beings, the social, environmental, and political practices you encounter both in your community and hear about in others, you will find a warm home in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. We want you to gain the most out of your educational experience. Therefore, we welcome your inquiry to join our College. We can offer you various opportunities including travel abroad programs to study a language abroad, learn about other cultures, or to excavate ancient ruins. We also offer innovative research skills for undergraduate students and connecting undergraduate degrees to law degrees. If you are searching for a community that knows hard work, growth, and success that will help you discover your passion and purpose, we are the College and the University for you. Our quality programs and our dedicated faculty and staff will prepare you to make not just a living, but a life—a life of service, intellectual curiosity, and purpose.

- Dean Nawal Ammar, Ph.D.

30 Minutes with Dean Ammar: Liberal Arts and Higher Education


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