WGS Council

WGS Council

Women’s & Gender Studies Council

The purpose of the Women's and Gender Studies Council is to advise the Coordinator about the Women's and Gender Studies Program and to establish policy. It consists of at least eleven members, including the Coordinator. Women's and Gender Studies Council members can be any faculty or staff member of the Rowan University community interested in strengthening and expanding the Women's and Gender Studies Program on this campus.

The WGS Council is convened and presided over by the Coordinator of the Women's and Gender Studies Program. It meets at least two times per semester during the academic year, and every member is required to serve on at least one standing committee.  The term of service is three academic years with the possibility of being elected for a second consecutive term. A third term can only be served if there is a disruption in service between the second and third term. 

Women’s and Gender Studies Coordinator:

Dr. Melissa R. Klapper (History)

Women’s and Gender Studies Council Members

Terms expiring 2024:

  • Kim Akass (Radio, Television, & Film)
  • Cathy A. R. Brant (Interdisciplinary and Inclusive Education)
  • Whitney Cox (Philosophy and World Religions)
  • Andrea Farro (Management & Entrepreneurship)
  • Kate Harman (Communication Studies)
  • Andrew Hottle (Communication Studies)
  • Kate Kedley (Language, Literacy & Sociocultural Education)
  • Jennifer Kitson (Geography, Planning & Sustainability)
  • Colleen Montgomery (Radio, Television, & Film)
  • Joel Rudin (Management & Entrepreneurship)
  • Natalie Schell-Busey (Law & Justice Studies)
  • Donna Sweigart (Art)

Terms expiring 2025:

  • Eva Boodman (Philosophy & World Religions)
  • Kristin Qualls (Rowan University Art Gallery)
  • Sanaz Shahi (Office of Technology Commercialization)
  • Karen Teller (Rohrer College of Business)

Terms Expiring 2026” and list these names:

  • Lauren Athey-Janka (Music)
  • Sara Borden (Campbell Library and University Archives)
  • Andrea Hawkman (Language, Literacy & Sociocultural Education)