Women's and Gender Studies Minor

Women's and Gender Studies Minor

Women's and Gender Studies Minor

Women's and Gender Studies courses provide an opportunity for intensive study and in-depth analysis. Many Women's and Gender Studies courses fit the global/multicultural designation. Interested students should contact the University Advising Center to declare a minor in Women's and Gender Studies.  They can also contact the coordinator of Women’s and Gender Studies for further information and advisement. Each student enrolled in the Women's and Gender Studies minor is required to complete 18 credit hours of Women's and Gender Studies courses. Courses should optimally be taken in a sequence from general introductory courses to more specialized, upper division courses. Each student is required to take:

Required core course (3 credits)

INTR 01.130 Women and Gender in Perspective OR
INTR 01.130 Honors Women and Gender in Perspective


fifteen (15) credits of approved Women's and Gender Studies courses (ranked First and Second Tier), of which nine (9) credits must be from the First Tier.

First Tier (minimum of three courses [9 credits] required)

ANTH  02322  Sex and Sex Roles in Cross Cultural Perspective
ARHS  03230  Survey of Women Artists
ARHS  03425  Special Topics:  Art and the Women’s Movement
CMS   04310  Images of Gender in Popular Culture
CMS   04320  Communicating Gender

CMS   04327  Woman and Nonbinary Identities in Sports Communication
ENGL  02200  Gender, Sexuality, and Literature
HIST  05417  Women in Islam
HIST  05418  Women in Europe to 1700
HIST  05419  Women in Modern Europe

HIST  05423  Women in Early American History
HIST  05424  Women in Modern American History
HIST  05425  History of Feminisms

HIST  05455  Gender, Sexuality and History
LAWJ  05346  Women, Crime and Criminal Justice
PHIL  09328  Philosophy and Gender
PHIL  09329  Philosophy and Gender (Writing Intensive)
PHIL  09346  Feminist Ethics

POSC  07311  Women in American Politics
PSY   01200  Psychology of Women and Cultural Experience
REL   10335 
Sex and the Bible
RTF   03272  Images of Women in Film
PHRE  01440  Queer Theory

SOC   08370  Sociology of Women in Society
SOC   08440  Selected Topics: Men and Masculinity
SOC   08493  Seminar on Gender Roles

Selected Topics courses in various disciplines (contact the coordinator of the program for more information and pre-approval)

Second Tier (maximum of two courses [6 credits] counted)

CMS   04375  Special Topics: Images of Identity
CMS   04333  Images of Athletes in Popular Culture
CMS   04440  Rhetoric of Reality Television
ENGL  02205  Adolescent Literature
ENGL  02362  Native American Literature
ENGL  02365  U.S. Latino/a Literature
ENGL  02317  Children’s Literature: Texts and Contexts OR Honors Children’s
             Literature: Texts and Contexts
HIST  05429  Special Topics: History of Witchcraft
HIST  05443  Special Topics:  Childhood and Youth in Africa
HIST  05450  History of Childhood and Youth in America
PHIL  09260  Philosophy and Ethics of Love
POSC  07323  The Politics of Poverty:  Class, Gender, and Race in America
PSY   01423  Seminar:  Eating Disorders
PSY   05310  Psychology of Human Sexuality
RTF   01402  Special Topics:  Queer Film
RTF   03485  Deconstructing Disney
SOC   08220  Sociology of the Family
SOC   08281  Sexuality and Society

Course Requirements for Students Who Entered the WGS Program Prior to Fall 2018

For more information or questions speak with your academic advisor or email Dr. Melissa R. Klapper at klapper@rowan.edu.