Economics Career Preparation

Rowan University's undergraduate degree in economics has three specific goals:
  • Motivate and encourage logical thought used in solving problems;
  • Train students in appropriate methodological and technical tools used in observational and inferential research; and
  • Provide students with experience in presenting written and oral research.

As a byproduct of completing an undergraduate degree in economics, students will have acquired the relevant skills needed to gain entry into a variety of professional positions and fields:

  • Government (Cost Analysis, Intelligence, Public Administration, Urban Planning, Policy Analysis)
  • Banking and Finance (Credit Lending, Trusts, Securities, Banking Systems)
  • Insurance
  • Health Care (Healthcare Analysis, Hospital Management)
  • International Trade
  • Economic Development
  • Law


While law schools do not require any particular undergraduate major, Political Science has been one of the majors often selected by students interested in law as a career. Rowan University offers a number of law-related courses. Pre-Law advising also is available for students who plan to attend law school. Additionally, the Pre-Law Society sponsors LSAT study sessions, hosts a Law School Fair and invites guest speakers, such as current law students and legal professionals, to share their experiences, perspectives and advise.