Public Policy

Public Policy

Rowan's Master of Public Policy is Now Accepting Applications!

Rowan University’s new Master of Public Policy Program is now accepting applications. The program aims to provide its students with the skills needed to be successful leaders in the state of New Jersey and beyond. The program features core courses on Public Policy taught by Rowan faculty and practitioners. Students will specialize in a policy area or choose an interdisciplinary track. Students will gain valuable field experience and engage in in-depth research. 

The program features Political Science Economics and Policy faculty and members of the New Jersey public policy community with years of experience in the field. To learn more, go to:

CUGS - Certificate of Undergraduate Studies

The Department of Political Science & Economics offers a 12-credit Certificate in Public Policy (CUGS). This certificate will provide students with a fundamental understanding of critical tools for effective policy analysis, including formal program evaluation, cost-benefit analysis, and an introduction to policy-relevant statistics. The flexible course of study enables students to take courses centered on specific themes relating to public policy, including health, labor, environmental, and social policies.

The flexibility and broad applicability of the CUGS in Public Policy makes it relevant to all majors who seek to add a policy component to their course of study, providing practical preparation for success in graduate school and/or future careers. The CUGS in Public Policy provides a certification that will be noted on the graduate’s transcript.

Requirements for the CUGS in Public Policy (12 S.H.)

CUGS Advisor
Dr. Kathy Javian