Academic Programs

Academic Programs

Academic Programs

Political Science

B.A. in Political Science

The Political Science Department offers a major program of 39 credits leading to a B.A. degree, and a minor program consisting of 21 credits. These programs are open to all students who envision careers as lawyers, government managers and administrators, public policy analysts, journalists, intelligence officers, diplomatic service officers, teachers, lobbyists, public opinion analysts, legislative aides, or any other career in government or business which requires a broad liberal arts background.

The major program aims at ensuring both breadth of knowledge of the discipline and in-depth studies in areas of the student's greatest interest. The total degree model requires 39 credits in the major, 46 credits in specific general education courses, 14 credits in elective upper-level courses in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences and/or in general education courses, and 21 credits of free elective courses for a total of 120 credits for graduation. A grade of C- or better must be earned in all Political Science courses. In addition, all students are required to take courses designated as Writing Intensive, Multicultural/Global, and a course designated as LIT.

Minor in Political Science 

The minor program in political science supplements the curriculum of students majoring outside political science; it helps students expand their career options into such fields as law, journalism, social studies teaching, business, government, and intelligence. The minor requires 21 s.h. of courses. Twelve of those semester hours are in basic courses which are required of all who pursue a political science minor, while the other nine are electives which students can tailor to their particular career or intellectual interests.

Political Science Advisor

Harold Thompson
Economics and Political Science
Bunce Hall, 2nd floor
856-256-5719 | 
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B.A. in Economics 

Undergraduate education in economics focuses on learning to analyze the world in terms of tradeoffs and incentives that is, to ìthink like an economist. This program offers students flexibility in choosing among a wide array of courses. Students have the option to complete a double major and/or minor in other areas such as business, political science, and mathematics.

Students are exposed to economic theories and trends in the context of other disciplines such as history, political science, sociology, and psychology. They are offered courses such as Money and Banking, Urban and Health Economics.

Minor in Economics

Harold Thompson
Economics, Political Science
Bunce Hall, 2nd floor
856-256-5719 |

Law & Justice 3+3 Combined Degree

3 + 3 BA in Political Science/JD Accelerated Degree Program

CUGS - Certificate of Undergraduate Studies

The Department of Political Science & Economics offers a 12 credit Certificate in Public Policy (CUGS). This certificate will provide students with a fundamental understanding of critical tools for effective policy analysis, including formal program evaluation, cost-benefit analysis, and an introduction to policy-relevant statistics. The flexible course of study enables students to take courses centered on specific themes relating to public policy, including health, labor, environmental, and social policies.

The flexibility and broad applicability of the CUGS in Public Policy makes it relevant to all majors who seek to add a policy component to their course of study, providing practical preparation for success in graduate school and/or future careers. The CUGS in Public Policy provides a certification that will be noted on the graduate’s transcript.


Required course:

EDPA 02410 Public Policy (3 S.H.)

CUGS in Public Policy also requires 9 S.H. from any 3 of the following courses:

POSC 07220 State & Local Government (3 S.H.)
POSC 07323 Race, Poverty and Welfare in the US (3 S.H.)
POSC 07385 Environmental Policy (3 S.H.)
EDPA 02320 Public Administration (3 S.H.)
ECON 04210 Environmental Economics (3 S.H.)*
ECON 04215 Current Economic Problems (3 S.H.)*
ECON 04251 Health Policy (3 S.H.)*
ECON 04307 Economic Development (3 S.H.)*
ECON 04310 Global Economics (3 S.H.)*
ECON 04315 Public Finance (3 S.H.)*
ECON 04345 Labor Economics (3 S.H.)*
ECON 04360 Urban Economics (3 S.H.)*

ECON 04101 Intro to Macroeconomics and
ECON 04102 Intro to Microeconomics

To be awarded the CUGS in Public Policy, students must complete all courses required for the CUGS in Public Policy with at least a 2.0 average.

kathy javianCUGS Advisor
Katherine Javian