Philosophy Programs

Philosophy Programs

Philosophy Programs


Our department offers a variety of programs in philosopy, from the major to various certificates. These programs are effective on their own, but also combine well with other programs at Rowan. For more on the value of studying philosophy, see here.

Philosophy Major

BA in Philosophy 30 s.h.


Minor in Philosophy 18 s.h. 

Minor in Ethics 18 s.h. 

Certificates of Undergraduate Studies (CUGS)

A certificate of Undergraduate Study (CUGS) is designed to complement and enhance a student's major program, as well as to prepare students for graduate studies and professional careers. No prior background in Philosophy is required for these Certificates, and any student pursuing an undergraduate degree at Rowan University is eligible to apply.

We offer three 12 s.h. Certificates in the field of Philosophy:

  • CUGS in Philosophy
  • CUGS in Ethics
    • Students will become familiar with ethical theories, while also learning how to apply them in professional practice. Students can choose specific applied ethics courses related to business, medicine, and the environment.
  • Asian Philosophy and Religion
    • Students will gain knowledge and critical training in Asian Philosophy and Religion, acquiring an in-depth understanding and appreciation of these core aspects of Asian culture. This Certificate is particularly useful for students pursuing careers that increasingly require knowledge of Asian culture: in education, business, government, health care, communication, public relations and international affairs.

3 + 3 BA/JD Program in Philosophy or World Religions 

3+3 BA/JD in Philosophy or 3+3 BA/JD in World Religions

Additional Information

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