Apply for Student Scholarships & Funds

Apply for Student Scholarships & Funds

Awards and Scholarships

The Philosophy and World Religions Department honors students each year with a variety of awards and scholarships. The department also has funding available to assist with student conference presentations, career development, and study abroad.

Dianne Ashton Endowed Scholarship in Religion Studies

Scholarship awarded to a College of Humanities and Social Sciences student who has successfully completed at least three classes in Religion offered by the Department of Philosophy and World Religions.

David Clowney Scholarship in Philosophy

This scholarship (approx. $1,000) is for an outstanding Junior Philosophy major. Funded by the Philosophy and World Religions Department.
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Scholarship - Apply here

This scholarship ($500) is meant to encourage and support students from traditionally underrepresented groups to study Philosophy and World Religions at Rowan University. Examples of underrepresented groups in our fields include: women, LGBTQ+ and gender-nonconforming people, people from economically disadvantaged communities, people with disabilities (broadly construed) and people of color or people racialized as nonwhite, including Chicano/a/xs and Latino/a/xs, Indigenous people, Pacific Islanders, people of African descent, and people of Asian descent.

Students from any major can apply if they have taken at least three Philosophy or World Religions courses (PHIL, REL or PHRE subject codes). Students must be applying for their Junior, Sophomore, or Senior year. Funded by the Philosophy and World Religions Department.

Entrance Scholarships (2 awards each year) 

These scholarships ($1,000/year renewable for 4 years) are for incoming first-year students who declare a major in either Philosophy or World Religions. Funded by the Philosophy and World Religions Department.

Charles Wei-Hsun Fu Memorial Scholarship in World Philosophy and Religion

This scholarship (up to $1000) was established in memory of professor Charles Wei-Hsun Fu of Temple University. It supports the development of the academic study of philosophy and religion studies in global context and perspective. There can be multiple recipients.

Paul Tong Memorial Scholarship for Excellence in the Humanities - Named in honor of former World Religions professor, Paul Tong.

Seniors of Distinction (one for Philosophy and one for World Religions)

These prestigious, college-recognized awards are for the graduating seniors who exemplify the best and brightest of the Philosophy and World Religions department. The winners of each award are recognized at a College reception each spring. The Philosophy and World Religions Department funds a monetary award for our departmental Seniors of Distinction.

Philosophy Medallion Award

This award recognizes a graduating senior in Philosophy based on academic leadership, personal growth and leadership. The winner of the award will be recognized at commencement. The Philosophy and World Religions Department funds a monetary award for our  Philosophy Medallion winner.

Professional Development Funding

  • The Department has funds available to support student professional development, including:  study abroad, conference attendance, conference presentations, membership fees, training, language programs, summer institute attendance, etc.

Other Departmental Awards and Funding

The Philosophy and World Religions Department also provides various awards and funds each year to majors and minors in our programs. Past awards have been given for Excellence in Philosophy, Excellence in World Religions and Excellence in Ethics.

Previous Winners of Awards

2019 Awards
2015 Awards
2014 Awards and Graduation
2013 CHSS Seniors of Distinction
Fu Scholarship Recepients - 2012
Fu Scholarship Recepients and Graduation - 2011

Seniors of Distinction Award Winners

2022 - James O'Connor, Philosophy B.A.; Bria Rivello (Riley), World Religions B.A.
2021 - Gianna Hill, Philosophy B.A.
2020 - Chad Shire, Philosophy B.A.
2019 - Marisa Considine, Philosophy B.A.
2018 - Jonathan Fernandez