Scholarships & Awards

Scholarships & Awards

Scholarships and Awards

Our department offers many scholarships and awards each year for Philosophy and World Religions students. We also have funding available to assist students with conference presentations, career development and study abroad.

All 2023 PHWR Scholarship & Award Winners

Senior of Distinction Awards

These prestigious, college-recognized awards are for the graduating seniors who exemplify the best and brightest of the Philosophy and World Religions department. The winners of each award are recognized at a College reception each spring. The Philosophy and World Religions Department funds a monetary award for our departmental Seniors of Distinction.

2023 Recipients:

  • Max Armstrong (World Religions, $1000)
Max Armstrong receiving the 2023 PHWR Senior of Distinction in World Religions Award
  • Dawson Kipphut (Philosophy, $1000)
Dawson Kipphut receiving the 2023 PHWR Senior of Distinction in Philosophy Award

Other Recent Recipients:

  • James O'Connor (2022, Philosophy)
  • Bria Rivello (2022, World Religions)
  • Gianna Hill (2021)
  • Chad Shire (2020)

Philosophy Medallion Award

This award recognizes a graduating senior in Philosophy based on academic achievement, personal growth and leadership. The winner of the award will be recognized at commencement. The Philosophy and World Religions Department funds a monetary award for our Philosophy Medallion winner.

2023 Recipient

  • Ethan Strong ($1000)

 Ethan Strong receiving the 2023 Philosophy Medallion Award

Other Recent Recipients:

  • Megan Stahl (2022)
  • Elizabeth Barling (2022)
  • Rebecca Roberts (2021)
  • Nicole Colasanti (2020)
  • Zach Parisi (2020)

Dianne Ashton Edowed Scholarship in World Religions

This scholarship is awarded to a returning student who has demonstrated great academic success in the field of World Religions. It is named in honor of our former colleague, Dr. Dianne Ashton, who taught in our department for many years.

2023 Recipient:

  • Andreana Karapalides ($1100)

Other Recent Recipients:

  • Maxwell Armstrong (2022)
  • Bria Rivello (2021)

David Clowney Philosophy Scholarship

This scholarship goes to a returning major who has demonstrated great academic achievement in philosophy. It is named in honor of Dr. David Clowney, emeritus, who led the department and passionately promoted our programs during his career at Rowan.

2023 Recipient:

  • Josh Tigro ($1000)

Other Recent Recipients:

  • Clifford Phillips (2022)
  • James O'Connor (2021)
  • Gianna Hill (2020)

Philosophy and World Religions DEI Award

This award goes to the student who has best contributed to our department’s efforts to improve the diversity, equity and inclusiveness of our fields of study.

Students from any major can apply if they have taken at least three Philosophy or World Religions courses (PHIL, REL or PHRE subject codes). Students must be applying for their Junior, Sophomore, or Senior year. Funded by the Philosophy and World Religions Department. Apply here

2023 Recipient:

  • Alivia Poludniak ($600)

Other Recent Recipients:

  • Samuel Damiri (2022)
  • Nadine El Maalem (2021)

Charles Fu Memorial Scholarship in World Philosophy and Religion

These sholarships are awarded to students who have shown excellent performance in studying Philosophy or World Religions--and have taken at least one course with a non-Western focus. They are generously funded by the Charles Wei-Hsun Fu Memorial Foundation. Dr. Fu was a longtime scholar of Buddhism and East Asian Thought at Temple University.

2023 Recipients:

  • David Doan ($500)
  • Cliff Phillips ($500)

Other Recent Recipients:

  • Ethan Strong (2022)
  • Brian Leonard (2022)
  • Bria Riley (2021)
  • Nicole L. Andreacchio (2021)
  • Daniel Miller (2020)
  • Phillip Mastoridis (2020)

Excellence Awards

The department offers several additional awards for excellence in our fields of study.

2023 Recipients:

  • Leila Ammar (Excellence in World Religions, $300)
  • Grace Foley (Excellence in Ethics, $300)
  • Marco Imperiale (Excellence in Philosophy, $300)
  • James Tolbert (Excellence in Philosophy, $300)