Christine A. Saum, Ph.D.

Christine A. Saum, Ph.D.

Christine A. Saum, Ph.D.

Christine A. Saum, Ph.D.Associate Professor 


Christine A. Saum is an Associate Professor in the Department of Law and Justice Studies at Rowan University and currently serves as the Associate Chair. Dr. Saum received her Ph.D. at the University of Delaware (UD) where she worked as an Associate Scientist in the Center for Drug and Alcohol Studies and later served as a consultant. She was also an Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice at UD. Dr. Saum has extensive experience managing grants, conducting program evaluations, collaborating with corrections and courts officials, and working with drug-involved offender populations in both the juvenile and criminal justice systems. She has previously served as Co-Principal Investigator for multi-year federally-funded studies of drug court offenders in outpatient treatment and studies of offenders in both prison and community-based treatment programs. Dr. Saum has also worked on interventions involving reentry strategies for women and juvenile offenders and HIV prevention in corrections. She has served as a consultant on a national drug court MIS project and is currently evaluating an alcohol treatment court for repeat DUI offenders. Dr. Saum has published in the areas of women offenders and drug use, corrections-based treatment, drug policy and the drug legalization debate, drug courts, DUI courts, sex in prison, and date-rape drugs and has co-authored a book on cocaine-exposed infants. Her teaching interests include corrections, violence, criminal justice policy, specialty courts, reentry and the drugs-crime relationship.

Selected Publications

Saum, A. Christine Matthew L. Hiller, & Bridget Nolan. 2013. "Predictors of Completion of a Driving Under the Influence (DUI) Court for Repeat Offenders." Criminal Justice Review, 38 (2): 207-225.

Hiller, Matthew, Belenko, Steven, Taxman, Faye, Young, Doug, Perdoni, Matthew, & Saum, Christine. 2010. "Measuring drug court structure and operations: Key components and beyond", Criminal Justice and Behavior, 37 (9): 933-950.

Saum, Christine A, & Matthew L. Hiller. 2008. "Should Violent Offenders be Excluded from Drug Court Participation? An Examination of the Recidivism of Violent and Nonviolent Drug Court Participants." Criminal Justice Review, 33 ( 3): 291-307

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