Global Security Resources

Global Security Resources

Rowan University, in partnership with Rowan College at Burlington County, awarded three-year UISFL Grant

The International and Foreign Language program at the US Department of Education has awarded Rowan University funding for a three-year program for Undergraduate International Studies and Foreign Languages (UISFL). Together with our consortial partner, Rowan College at Burlington County, the university will lead a series of important actions to further develop international studies at both institutions. Through the UISFL grant, this project integrates a targeted study of global health threats, environmental dangers, and emergency response into its International Studies Program. 
This project centers on five specific strategies implemented through a series of innovative courses, new degree programs, novel security-focused study abroad, and a range of extracurricular activities:  
  • First, developing a Global Security emphasis within RU’s International Studies Program, centering on three interrelated areas: health, environment, and emergency response. 
  • Second, expanding the availability of (and increasing enrollment in) language courses relating to global security (Arabic, Chinese, and specific Spanish courses).
  • Third, integrating global security thematic content (especially on health, environment, and emergency response) into study abroad and overseas faculty-led programs.
  • Fourth, developing a Global Studies major at Rowan College at Burlington County.
  • Fifth, creating this online consultancy on global security (centered on health, environment, and emergency response).

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