SupportGrant Preparation Support

SupportGrant Preparation Support

Grant Preparation Support

Faculty may utilize one or several of these stages of support as they seek and apply for external research or institutional grants.

  1. Stage 1: Identifying and Designing a Project
    1. Support in identifying relevant external grants and fellowships
      1. Faculty should have several external funding opportunities in mind and support here will assist in strategizing which opportunities to pursue (and when to pursue them).
    2. Support in designing a project so that it can be competitive for funding, which may involve:
      1. Defining the relevance and scope of the project
        1. Ensuring the project is crafted so that it relates to the funders’  
      2. Strategizing collaboration
        1. Partnering with colleagues at Rowan or at other universities 
        2. Working with external organizations (such as media outlets, think tanks, nongovernmental organizations, or private sector entities)
        3. Subcontracting data collection
      3. Guidance in communicating with the funder 
    3. Developing a schedule for completing the application by the deadline
    4. Assisting with making initial connections on campus – CHSS Dean, Office of Proposal Development, Office of Sponsored Programs


  1. Stage 2: Drafting and Revising the Application
    1. Support in planning out an initial draft of narrative(s)
      1. Determining whether a grant-writer is needed 
      2. Working with collaborators
    2. One-on-one meetings with experienced faculty and receiving individualized feedback on preliminary drafts
    3. Assistance in formulating the preliminary budget


  1. Stage 3: Sending out the Application to External Reviewers
    1. Support in identifying external reader(s) from past recipients
    2. Acquiring internal financial assistance to pay external reader(s)
    3. Incorporating feedback into application


  1. Stage 4: Finalizing and submitting the application
    1. Assisting the final editing of the narrative 
    2. Assembling supplemental materials
    3. Acquiring letters of support from Dean, Provost, others 
    4. Working with CHSS Dean’s office and Office of Sponsored Programs Pre-Award Staff on finalizing budget and final submission of application in Cayuse.