Jewish Studies

Jewish Studies

Jewish Studies Minor

The minor in Jewish Studies is a multi-departmental program designed to complement and enhance a student's major program, as well as to prepare students for graduate studies and professional careers. The minor is open to all Rowan undergraduate and graduate students. The purpose of the Jewish studies minor is to allow students to study in greater depth the historical, sociological, and religious context of contemporary Jews and Jewish life. The minor provides an interdisciplinary survey of issues related to contemporary Jews and a comparison to other ethnic and cultural groups in the United States and abroad.

A total of 18 credits are required from two course banks to complete the concentration.

(1) 9 credits are to be chosen from the Jewish focus courses:
HIST 05404 Arab-Israeli Conflict (3 credits)
HIST 05406 Jewish Holocaust 1933-1945 (3 credits)
REL10301 Introduction to Judaism (3 credits)
REL 10214 Religions of the Western World (3 credits)
SOC 08369 Contemporary Jewish Life (3 credits)
SOC 08399 Sociology of the Holocaust (3 credits)
SPAN 05440/HONR 05390 Christians, Jews, and Muslims in Medieval Spain
(3 credits)

(2) 9 credits are to be chosen from the Contextual Core:
HIST 05308 Modern Middle East OR
GEOG 06.347 Geography of the Middle East OR
POSC 07.345 Government and Politics of the Middle East (3 credits)
REL 10200 Religions of the World (3 credits)
REL 10240 Introduction to Bible (3 credits)
SOC 08230 Minority Groups (3 credits)
SOC 08322 Sociology of Religion (3 credits)