Nadine Rosechild Sullivan, Ph.D.

Nadine Rosechild Sullivan, Ph.D.

Nadine Sullivan, Ph.D.
Lecturer of Sociology

Nadine Sullivan, Ph.D.

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Nadine Rosechild Sullivan, Ph.D. holds a doctorate in Sociology, with graduate concentrations in gender and sexuality, race and ethnicity, and Women's Studies from Temple University. Her ongoing research interests center around: U.S. Social Movements, and the cross-coalitional push for an end to systemic racism, state-sponsored/incited racial violence, violence against women, sexism, homophobia, and trans-phobia.

She is coordinator of the graduate program in Diversity and Inclusion, a lecturer in Sociology, and the CHSS Representative to the Council of the Division of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, and a member of the Women & Gender Studies Committee.

Dr. Sullivan is the author of: 

  • ​Passing the Baton: Birth Control - Precondition of the Liberation of Women.* 2020.
  • An "Abomination" in the Sight of the Lord: A Deeper Look at the Jewish and Christian Scripture Thought to Condemn Homosexuality. 2017.
  • The Marriage Equality Movement  & A Brief History of (Some) U.S. Social Movements. 2015.
  • I Trusted You: Fully and Honestly Speaking of Gendered Assault. 2011.