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Academic Programs

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The study of Philosophy acquaints students with some of the world's great intellectual, equips them with skills in critical thinking, and engages them in reflection on values, ideas and practices crucial to the modern world. Students graduating with a major in these disciplines are well prepared for a variety of careers, as well as for admission to graduate study in Philosophy or in World Religions. They also regularly score in the top percentiles on various graduate admission tests, including the Graduate Record Examination, the Law School Admission Test, and the Graduate Management Admission Test.

The department offers a major in Philosophy, a minor in Philosophy, a minor in Ethics, and a minor in Philosophy and World Religions. We also offer 12 s.h. Certificates of Undergraduate Studies (CUGS) in Philosophy, Ethics, and Asian Philosophy and Religion. 

Philosophy Major

Major in Philosophy (non-Core) 30 s.h. 

Major in Philosophy (Core) 30 s.h.

Major in Philosophy for students beginning Fall 2021 or later 30 s.h.

Four-Year Semester Planning Guide for BA in Philosophy


Minor in Philosophy 18 s.h. 

Minor in Ethics 18 s.h. 

Certificates of Undergraduate Studies (CUGS)



Asian Philosophy and Religion

3 + 3 BA/JD Program in Philosophy or World Religions 

3+3 BA/JD in Philosophy or 3+3 BA/JD in World Religions

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