Course of Study

Course of Study

Course of Study

The Master of Arts in Criminal Justice requires a total of 30 semester hours, consisting of ten three credit courses, and offers students three options: Thesis Track,Non-Thesis Track, and Online Program. All students take the same six required courses and EITHER

  • Two elective courses, and the equivalent of credit for two additional courses for original research and a thesis if the student chooses the Thesis Track Option OR
  • Four elective courses and a comprehensive exam if the student chooses the Non-Thesis Track or Online Options.



  • Contemporary Issues in Criminal Justice
  • Contemporary Developments in Theory
  • Research Methods I
  • Research Methods II
  • Law and Society
  • Criminal Justice Policy Analysis

Examples of Electives:

  • Seminar in Violence
  • Prevention and Rehabilitation
  • Courts and Supportive Agencies
  • Police and Society
  • Administrative Law/Ethics
  • Seminar in Criminal Justice Planning
  • Altruism, Cooperation, and Criminal Justice
  • Race, Ethnicity, Class, and Justice
  • International Criminal Law Seminar
  • Community Justice
  • Management of Criminal Justice Organizations
  • Seminar in Juvenile Justice and Juvenile Delinquency

New courses are developed to reflect emerging issues in the field.

Course descriptions for above courses and courses offered by other departments can be found in the Graduate Catalogue.

The MA in Criminal Justice is a Category 2 program. To maintain Minimum Satisfactory Academic Progress in and to successfully graduate from a Category 2 program students must:

  • Earn no grades lower than a “B-”
  • Earn an official cumulative GPA (according to matriculation level) of at least 3.000 on Rowan’s 4.000 scale