M.A./B.A. in History Program

M.A./B.A. in History Program

The Bachelors of History/Masters of History (or 4+1 History) Program

This unique program allows a student to earn both a Bachelor's degree and a Master's degree in history in only five years. Students in the program will be allowed to register for up to 12 graduate credits during their senior year, to pay the undergraduate rate for those credits, and to double-count those credits toward both degrees. Such a program offers great financial, educational and marketability advantages to students. Admission into the program is selective and competitive.

History students are eligible to apply for the BA/MA program at any time. Up until the Spring semester of their junior year, students are admitted into Stage One of the program. During this stage, you are considered a "4+1" student by the Department of History but retain your undergraduate status with the Registrar's Office.

To be advanced to Stage Two of the program, students in Stage One will need to maintain a 3.3 GPA in history courses. If they do this, they will be automatically admitted to Stage Two in the Spring semester of their junior year. A second letter will be sent at that stage, acknowledging their advancement and directing you to fill out paperwork that will allow the student to take graduate courses in their senior year. Please note that students in their junior year may apply directly into Stage Two if they have the requisite GPA, a grade of at least B- in Methods, and a faculty recommendation.

Stage Two is completed during a candidate's fourth year, a time during which they have a new designation with the Registrar's Office and will take at least two and up to four graduate courses at the undergraduate rate. At the end of the fourth year, students will move on to Stage Three, where they will now be considered graduate students by the University. 4+1 Students will take six to eight graduate courses during this fifth year.

All 4+1 students are given several resources. As the 4+1 coordinator, William Carrigan will assist you with any academic issues throughout your program- including course selection, program requirements, departmental policies, or awarded credit.