Double Major Prepares for Successful Career

Double Major Prepares for Successful Career

Law & Justice Studies and Philosophy Double Major Chooses Humanities & Social Sciences Degrees to Prepare for a Successful and Rewarding Career

Sophie Corbin“CHSS graduates are valuable!” said Sophie Love Corbin, a Rowan senior set to graduate in May.

Corbin credits the College of Humanities and Social Sciences with preparing her with the critical thinking, reading and writing skills that she uses every day in her internship in the Third Legislative District joint offices of Senate President Stephen M. Sweeny, Assembly Deputy Speaker John Burzichelli's and Assemblyman Adam Taliaferro.

“I believe my major has prepared me for my internship in so many ways,” noted Corbin. “In both Law & Justice Studies and Philosophy; critical reading, writing and research are all crucial — in my internship, I use all three.”

In her district office role, she facilitates correspondence to the members in this office through calls made by concerned New Jersey residents; which can range from constituents calls to voice their opposition or support for varying pieces of legislation, to assisting people with any issues or inquiries they may have.

In addition, she works on several other administrative responsibilities, such as data entry and writing assignments; including press releases, and updating yearly information.

This internship opportunity has strengthened Sophie’s political and professional skills, and has given her immense confidence in both her work and daily life. Her future goal is to attend law school.

“I began my college career by forcing myself into at major that was not right for me. I was worried that if I chose something other than a STEM major, I would be unsuccessful,” reflected Corbin.

That has turned out not to be the case at all for her. Sophie ultimately pursued two majors that she not only found interesting, but also enjoyed learning the curriculum. Furthermore, she became a member of the Philosophy Honor Society Phi Sigma Tau, and the Philosophy club.

“Legal systems, politics and philosophy have always been passions of mine and I am glad that I made the switch to choose something that I wanted to do and am happy doing.”

Most of Sophie’s responsibilities are constituent-oriented. The Third Legislative District is comprised of 33 townships and includes all of Salem County, and parts of Gloucester and Cumberland Counties.